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Chimpanzee Nests Are Cleaner Than Human Beds, Scientists Reveal

Chimpanzee beds in the wilderness are cleaner than the beds people make in their homes, a new study released on Tuesday has said.

According to analysts from North Carolina State University, chimpanzees keep cleaner beds on the grounds that not at all like people, they make their own particular beds day by day.

The researchers had before estimated that a more prominent number of microbes would be in chimp homes contrasted with human bed sheets, yet the investigation uncovered something different.

After swabbing 41 chimpanzee nests in Tanzania, the researchers surprisingly found almost none of the microbes found in human beds, including faecal microbes.


Chimpanzee nests cleaner than human beds

This is even though chimps go to the toilet over the side of their nests, the study said.

“Our data would suggest that they’re really quite good at grooming each other and cleaning off ectoparasites,” Megan Thoemmes, lead author of the paper, said.

“About 35 percent of bacteria in human beds stem from our own bodies, including faecal, oral and skin bacteria,” Thoemmes told news site NC State news.

The study added that humans have created sleep environments to reduce their exposure to soil and other environmental microbes but have instead increased the bacteria which come from their own bodies.

“In some ways, our attempts to create a clean environment for ourselves may actually make our surroundings less ideal,” Thoemmes said.

The average person changes their sheets once every 24 days, with pillowcases taking a much longer period to be washed, according to a separate study by Mattress Advisor.


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