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Chimeras- No More Dirt As Pigs Are Now Cross- Bred With Human Cells!

In an interesting recent development, researchers were able to successfully grow human cells inside early-stage pig embryos in the lab. The researchers are now calling these pig-human hybrids as ‘Interspecies Chimeras’.

The experiment, still in its early stages might be able to expand to lab-grown human organs which will probably save thousands of lives.


During the experiment, the researchers in the US injected human stem cells into early-stage pig embryos. Then, these hybrid embryos were placed into surrogate sows and allowed to develop until the first trimester.

 Human stem cells were inserted into a pig embryo which was transplanted into a sow.

The results were astonishing. More than 150 embryos ended up developing in chimeras with having human cell count as 1 in 1,000 hybrid cells in the developing embryos. This meant that they had developed the precursors of organs including the heart and liver.

This is a viable concept with an evidence which shows that human-pig hybrids are possible. This means there’s a good possibility of lab-grown human parts for transplants who need them.


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