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“Children are Burdens,” According to a Young African Lady

A Nigerian woman who practices in the mental health sector argues that children are a burden, and gave the reasons why she made such a statement.

In a tweet that has become viral on the web, she says that children often slow down their careers, they are very expensive, and take a lot of time.

Read her statement below:

Children are a burden (I do not say that to horrify children, it’s just a reality, that’s all). They often slow down careers, are very expensive and take up a lot of our time. It is sad that some are carelessly brought into the world by people who do not want to make these sacrifices. ”

Without children, you usually have to worry about yourself. With a child, you have to take it into account in all the decisions you make. You have another load to wear, you can not be as impulsive and frivolous, you change your lifestyle to accommodate them.



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