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Chelsea: Alvaro Morata Reveals How A Missed Penalty Almost Ruined His Marriage

This is certainly the price to pay when you arrive at a club as the most expensive player in history. Alvaro Morata recently revealed that his wife, Alice Campello, almost threw him out of the house after his missed penalty against Arsenal at the Community Shield on 6 August. He also pointed out that his poor performance at the beginning had really affected him, reports metro.

Álvaro Morata-ahead-Alice-Campello

Morata was bought by Chelsea at Real Madrid in the amount of 60 million pounds, at the last transfer. Still, things did not go well in the beginning for the 24-year-old, who admits he had to keep his head high to move forward. In an interview, he said:


“I did not really feel good after missing the penalty against Arsenal.” “The two days after this incident were really difficult for me. My wife wanted me out of the house. But in the end, you have to stay strong. ”

Chelsea: Alvaro Morata reveals how a missed penalty failed to spoil his marriage

“Things were arranged between us”. “We are doing well now and that is the most important thing.” With such a woman alongside Morata, Antonio Conte should not worry about the superstar who will do anything to raise the bar.

Chelsea: Alvaro Morata reveals how a missed penalty failed to spoil his marriage


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