Checkout What Your Palms Say About Your Love Life And Marriage

Palmistry or chiromancy which are also known as palm reading or chirology is nothing but foretelling the future through the study of palm. It is believed that our destiny or future is written by God in our hands. One can know about their future by showing their hands to astrologists who can read their hand lines. One can even know their future married life by this study!! If you too want to know about your married life then just follow these steps:

1) Combine your hands

Just look at the given picture and adjust your palms just like it. Firstly flatten your palms like shown in the figure and join them in such a way that both the lines on either hand join together and forms a boat like a shape.
Avoid creases and try to follow just like a palm reader does otherwise you won’t get an accurate result.
2) Predict your Result

Now as you have joined your hands in a correct manner it’s time to predict your result. Based on the shape of the two lines which are joined, three types of result can be predicted.


• Lines of Same Height
This type of lines denotes that you are quite intelligent and well-organized in your life which simply means that you stick to your plans and does not make any careless decision. Your future life partner will be a well behaved and good man as it will be your choice and also will be compatible with you.

• Higher Line In Right Hand
It signifies that you are a good lover and have bright wisdom which is beyond your age. This could be an advantage as you can attract anyone easily with your charming personality. But as a disadvantage, you can attract someone who is of not your age group but instead of the age gap, you are going to live freely with them.

• Higher Line In Left Hand
This indicates that you are very much passionate and your love has no boundaries. So you are going to love your spouse limitless!! You are independent and will shower your love upon them which is pure and true.


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