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Africa is rich in fauna. Unfortunately human greed is driving some species of animals in this large continent to the brink of extinction. We can still see some endangered and critically endangered species while on safari in Africa.

Many governments of the African nations where these endangered and critically endangered animals live are taking appropriate steps to save them.

Here are the top 5 most endangered animals in Africa

1) Riverine Rabbit (critically endangered since 2003)

Riverine rabbit is the most endangered species in Africa. There are only 250 animals in the world today. You will find them in South Africa. Hunting, habitat loss and accidental deaths are the main threats.

Riverine Rabbit


If these animals become extinct, it will be an irretrievable loss to the whole world and a shame on humanity. If you find any suspicious activity, which you think may harm these wonderful animals it will be wise to report to the authorities.

2) Northern White Rhino (critically endangered since 1996)

Many wildlife experts believe that this subspecies of white rhinoceros will become extinct by the end of the next decade. Only five northern white rhinos are alive today. The northern white rhino formerly found over parts of northwestern Uganda, northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lake Chad, Cameroon, southern South Sudan and eastern part of Central African Republic.

Northern White Rhino



3) Mountain Gorilla (critically endangered since 1996)

Mountain gorilla is a subspecies of the endangered eastern gorilla. Currently there are around 880 mountain gorillas in the wild. Hunting, habitat loss and human diseases have pushed these animals towards the brink of extinction.

Mountain Gorilla


4) Black Rhino (critically endangered since 1996)

There are around 4,900 black rhinos in the world today. In Africa, you will find them in Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Swaziland, Malawi and Zambia. Poaching and habitat loss are threatening their very existence.

Black Rhino

Yathin S Krishnappa via

5) Ethiopian Wolf (endangered since 2004)

Today you will not find more than 500 Ethiopian wolves in the wild. Rabies, loss of habitat, shooting, climate warming and road killings are pushing these animals to the brink of extinction.

Ethiopian Wolf

Stuart Orford via


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