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Checkout The Beautiful African Wildlife (Photo)

The African wildlife is amazing in its extraordinary diversity and beauty! Africa – somehow paradoxically with the continents economic levels simply brings alot to the table regarding biodiversity and accessability and vicinity of the wild animals, birds, monkeys, elephants, rhinos, leopards, lions and many more.

elephants in Kenya with Kilimanjaro

A huge herd of more than 100 African elephants in front of snowcapped mount Kilimanjaro moves on towards where there is water. Amboseli, Kenya 1981. Photo © Mikkel Grabowski

Male lion in Masai mara

King of the animals – the African lion is one of the biggest cats in the world and males can weigh up to 330kg. Photo © Mikkel Grabowski

Lions courting, Masai Mara

When courting, lions snarl and growls and so they appear extremely aggressive. Their mating can last through several days. Photo © Mikkel Grabowski

Leopards crossing the road in Masai mara

The leopard is one of the most elusive African animals and rewardingly beautiful whenever they decide to appear in the open. Here leopards crosses the road an early morning in Masai Mara. Photo © Mikkel Grabowski


Female mother Cheetah close to the den

Cheetahs doesn’t have retractable claws as other cats and they seem to be more related to Canines than to the family of Cats. An adult Chettah can run at speeds around 110 km/h and their main prey is Thompsons gazelles and other smaller wildlife

Masai Giraffes

There are three subspecies of giraffe in Kenya and 9 in all of Africa. In Masai Mara you will find the Masai giraffe, as shown above

Grants gazelle posing in Masai Mara

A male Grants gazelle poses for the camera. Photo © Mikkel Grabowski

Three Ostriches in Masai Mara

Ostriches in Masai Mara are often seen in groups of 3-4

Elephant in Masai Mara

A lone elephant bull African elephant seen through the grass

Hippos basking in the sun

Hippos basking in the sun on the bank of Mara River

The big migrations across Mara River ensures plenty of food for the crocodiles at least once a year


A huge old Nile Crocodile of 5-6m in length and a massive 1m over the back. Older crocodiles like this one weighs in at about one ton and can easily go for a year without food which means they can just lie and wait for their next meal untill the annual migration of gnus passes the Mara River



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