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Checkout The Bad Result Of Too Much Sitting And Its Dangers

To work on your PC for hours every night is a real damage and health risk too – it affects 50-70% of Americans every day. This makes the spine damaged, heart weaker, might develop cancer, obesity and even diabetes 2, slows down blood flow and heightens cholesterol.


Stats say that 80% of USA people use the internet daily and there is on PC in 90% of households, at least. Experts say that this number of users is increasing by 10 million in a year.

Health experts say that 40% of patients have problems with the backs due to bad sitting posture and long time in front of the PC.


Hundreds people seek help and mostly they have jobs that limit them to their chairs and PC for 8 hours at least per day. This is a bigger problem for children and teenagers that develop damaged spines and have kyphosis and scoliosis. Sadly, 5 year old kids play video games and watch cartoons on PCs and this damages their development.

Experts also say that if you sit in front of the PC for 2 hours and more daily, you get bigger risk of damaged joints, neck and spine. Also, you might end up on meds forever and have chronic pains.

At first, people have issues with the joints and neck/back also. Kids under 12 must avoid sitting in front of TV or PC more than 2 hours daily.

The pain in muscles is a reminder that you need to move around and walk or stretch immediately.



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