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Checkout The 8 Crazy Things That Only Happen in Dubai

Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world. Some of the things that happen in the city are the stuff of dreams! With a vast amount of wealth at their disposal, the people in Dubai truly look for creative and innovative methods to outshine one another. A congressional preview of the images compiled below will have you questioning the sanity of the people of Dubai. We´ve compiled 8 crazy things that happen only in Dubai. Have a look!

8. Driving companions

While it is more than natural to see a person with a pet companion while in a car, most of us form preconceived notions about the companion being a dog or a cat. But, here in Dubai, having a wild animal such as a cheetah on the passenger´s seat, as depicted in the picture, is really nothing but a common phenomenon. That man must either be the bravest man in the world or a total lunatic.

7. Is it a dog?

What kind of a dog is that? Is that a dog in tiger´s clothing? Well, it is simply a tiger hanging out of the car window enjoying the breeze of summer. How often do you spot a tiger out in the open like that? If you happen to live in Dubai, you can get accustomed to such sights quite easily. The tiger cub must be a lovely companion during long road trips. After all, no one can fall asleep in the middle of a drive with a tiger seated in the passenger seat.

6. Supercar traffic jams

The number of supercars in the traffic jam is too damn high! While it isn´t a rare sight to see supercars and traffic jams, it is blissfully weird to see supercar traffic jams. There isn´t a dearth of affluent people in Dubai and the picture shows us how rich they really are. So, you should not travel to Dubai if you aren´t willing to spend a pretty penny. We can only imagine how high the living costs must be out there.

5. Car park attendants are scary

Of course, the people in Dubai are smart enough to protect their million dollar investments. In fact, they hire the services of lions to act as car park attendants. No thief in the world would dare steal a car protected by the king of the jungle. We wonder if the owner of the car has everything figured out. How exactly is he planning to get inside the car? And, how is the lion going to budge?

4. Lamborghinis for cops

The cops in Dubai seem to have everything going well for them. They cruise around and patrol in their Lamborghinis. Where else would one get the opportunity to see the Police in supercars? The government has made quite the statement with their police vehicles. The criminals have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

3. ATMs giving gold

Dubai might perhaps be the only place where people can extract gold from ATMs. The city truly goes the extra mile to showcase the luxurious life of the people living in the city. When liquid cash in the city runs thin because of the immense wealth of its residents, responsible authorities should start installing gold-giving ATMs to curb the mass problem of the public.

2. 5 star Starbucks

It is only fitting that the wealthy in Dubai get treated to a Starbucks appropriate for kings. Where else would one see such a state-of-the-art Starbucks outlet? We wonder if the prices of the goods and services available there are the same as everywhere else. What do you call a Starbucks outlet in Dubai? A 7-star coffee shop? People in Dubai trying give a whole new meaning to the phrase “living large.”

1. Bizarre men rights

It is not an unknown fact that the women in Dubai are suppressed to a certain extent and that the men in the country are given privileges that would be deemed unreasonable to the rest of the world. The snippet in the picture truly tells a tale of an alien place. We are curious to know how a woman would be able to understand a particular situation if her husband or partner were to whip her gently.

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