Checkout Some Of The Most Exotic Destinations In Africa

The Avenue Of The Baobabs is one interesting destination. Madagascar once had some thriving tropical forests, and as many of these forests have been cleared as part of its ongoing urbanisation, these prominent group of 20 or so baobab now stand in isolation. Despite this, these endemic species of baobab are still standing strong and today make for some stunning viewing.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Even as Zimbabwe’s economy has crumbled over the past decade or so, Victoria Falls has remained a lucrative tourist destination in an increasingly ailing tourism industry. This, the world’s largest sheet of falling water, is located on the Zambezi River, and borders both Zambia and Zimbabwe. There’s also some magnificent wildlife here, including crocodiles and hippos.
Draa Valley, Morocco
Epic Morocco describes it best: “Formed by the Draa River as it flows south to the Sahara, the Draa Valley is a long, green oasis in a dry, rocky landscape.” The valley is also home to some berber villages, stunning kasbahs, sand dunes, snow-capped Atlas Mountains and orchards. Surrounded by date palms, it’s also famous as “the date basket of Morocco”.

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