Checkout Reasons Why You Should Enjoy Being Single

Are you still single and trying to establish whether your status affects anything at your workplace? You could be having a powerful bargaining position. Here is how to milk the advantages of being single at work.

You can travel on an impulse: When a company trip comes up, you do not need to check in with anyone before you jump right on it. If you were dating, your partner would probably not be happy to be away from you. They might also have already plans for you two, so it would be rude not to consider them in your decisions.

You have less money worries: When you are single, you already have a plan of what you need to do with your money every month. You do not need to spend anything on all those dinners and surprise birthday parties, anniversaries and weekend getaways.


You can create your own routine: When you are single, you can create your own routine and control your time. You do not need to get home by 10pm or have to get to the house for dinner with the family. You are free to stay up late in the office and leave for work whenever you want.

You can become more self-reliant: You learn to do so many things by yourself so much that you no longer need to rely on anyone for anything. By the time you meet your partner, you will have no trouble when they leave you for a new flame or things fail to work.

You can do whatever you want: It takes time to sustain a healthy relationship. If you are not ready to have to budget, how much time and effort you spend on your relationship, then being single might be for you. That way, you can be free to spend the night out with the boys or girls and not feel guilty after. You also do not need to come up with excuses for why you did not pick your phone or text back.


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