Checkout Mistakes Happy People Avoid Making

Happiness is that almost undefinable state of mind that just about everyone would put at the top of the list of requirements for the perfect life, but happiness means so many different things to different people. What we do know, is that there are positive things that you can do to promote your own happiness and sense of well being. Just as important, though, is avoiding the mistakes that happy people know how not to make and here are eight of them:

1. Happy people don’t use money as a value of success

If you need a way to value your success, then it should be your feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, not money. Happy people know that, if you are earning enough money to satisfy your needs, then earning more is not going to increase your happiness. There are better things you could be doing with your time.

2. Happy people know that staying in a job that you don’t like can’t lead to happiness

You can’t possibly be happy, if you dread waking up every weekday morning. We spend a huge proportion of our lives at work, so it might as well be something that we love doing. People who stay in jobs that they hate will suffer more stress, have less job satisfaction and all this will ultimately impact on their health, as well as their wellbeing and happiness.

3. Happy people don’t try to be someone they are not

Happy people are not selfish people, but they do know that trying to be something that you are not, just to please, is not going to make you happy. People are at their happiest, when they are being themselves; so if someone doesn’t like who you are, don’t worry about it, that doesn’t matter as much as your own happiness.

4. Happy people accept things that they cannot change and focus their energy on things that are within their power


Sometimes it is better to adapt to a situation, rather than try and change it. Happy people focus their energy on the things they can change and accept the things that they can’t. Banging your head against a brick wall will only give you a headache

5. Happy people know that staying indoors all day is not beneficial for their wellbeing

Getting out in the fresh air and the sun has positive benefits for both your mental and physical health. Happy people get out and explore the world around them and this has been proven to promote both self-confidence, happiness and a person’s ability to interact with other people.

6. Happy people value friendship and they know that not interacting with others is unhealthy

Human beings are made to interact with each other; that’s why solitary confinement in a prison is a punishment. People who develop strong and deep emotional relationships with other people have been found to be healthier and to live longer, and our connection with other people brings value and meaning to our lives.

7. Happy people don’t dwell on missed opportunities, they let them go

Happy people don’t dwell on mistakes and missed opportunities; they know that it doesn’t help achieve anything. Instead, they look at life, as a series of lessons and fresh starts, all of which add up to who they are.

8. Happy people never lose sight of their dreams, beliefs and ideals

Knowing who you are, is one thing, but sticking to your dreams, goals, principles and your beliefs are quite another. The pressure is always on to conform to the norm, but the happy person sticks their guns and stays true to themselves.

How to be happy? What makes people happy? What other mistakes happy people avoid making? Feel free to share your motivation tips in the comment section below.


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