Checkout Major Causes of Bedwetting

Bedwetting is one of the most common problems every family faces every night, these is mostly common among young ages children, bedwetting can be such an embarrassing situation not only for the child but the whole family.

Bedwetting is not a permanent disease which means it usually goes away on its own. But until it does, No Sleep over at Friend or family House, this can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for your child.

“Ninety percent of kids think they’re the only ones who wet the bed, which makes them feel even worse,” says Bennett.

Doctors frequently consider bedwetting as a self-limiting problem, since most children will outgrow it. Children 5 to 9 years old have a spontaneous cure rate of 14% per year. Adolescents 10 to 18 years old have a spontaneous cure rate of 16% per year.

Approximate bedwetting rates are:

  • Age 5: 20%
  • Age 6: 10–15%
  • Age 7: 7%
  • Age 10: 5%
  • Age 15: 1–2%
  • Age 18–64: 0.5–1%


There are 2 types of bedwetting: primary and secondary. Primary means bedwetting that has been ongoing since early childhood without a break. A child with primary bedwetting has never been dry at night for any significant length of time.

Secondary bedwetting is bedwetting that starts up after the child has been dry at night for a significant period of time, at least 6 months.

Major problem for children with primary bedwetting would be the inability to recognize messages in the nervous system sent from the full bladder to your sleep arousal centers in the brain while asleep. Also, bladder capacity is often smaller in bedwetting children than inside their peers.


What Causes Major Bedwetting?

The cause is likely due to one or combining the following:

The child cannot yet hold urine for the entire night.
The child does not waken when his or her bladder is full.
The child produces a substantial amount urine during the night time and night hours.
The kid has poor daytime toilet habits. Many children habitually ignore the urge to urinate and delay urinating as long as they possibly can. Parents usually are familiar with the leg crossing, experience straining, squirming, squatting, and groin holding that children use to attend urine.



Infection and Disease are one of the major causes of bedwetting that is why it’s more important to visit health Care Center regularly for proper checkup.


The problem Might be from the bladder because the size of the bladder is much smaller in younger age children, which means that it can store less urine. Your child’s bladder won’t reach full ‘adult size’ until they’re 12 years old.


Your child actually took after you, think deeply and remember when you stop bedwetting, or a family members of yours might be genius in bedwetting.


Drinking too much of Alcohol increases urine production


When your child sleep too deep, there is 85% Guaranteed he/she is going to wet the bed, Researcher confirms that “Some of these children sleep so deeply, their brain doesn’t get the signal that their bladder is full.”



This is one of the major causes of Bedwetting. When your child drinks too much of water before going to bed, you should surely be expecting the sheets Get soaked.  Drinking too much of water is good for the children health, but at least limit it when it’s time for bed.


  • Reassure your child that bedwetting is a normal part of growing up and that it’s not going to last forever.
  • Always remind your child to go to the bathroom one final time before bedtime
  • Yelling or punishing your child is not the best medicine for bedwetting
  • Always tell your child that bedwetting is just like an uninvited visitor, it surely won’t stay long

Now let’s hear from you, when did your children stop bedwetting? Did you think your Child took after you when it comes to bedwetting?


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