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Checkout Five Habits You Must Avoid in the Office

Spending time in an office environment will bring you into contact with different kinds of people. Most of these people will be decent and productive, but every office has one or two characters whose bad habits drive everyone up the wall. Here are some of the most annoying work habits:

Office gossip

Who did what to whom, or where the new intern was spotted during the weekend, are juicy damsels baying to be to be undressed, but the office is hardly the place to talk about such.

Public displays of affection

They are the office couple, and everyone knows it. They engage in uncomfortable displays of affection around the office. Kissing at the desk, or that playful smack in the rear. Anything to make others turn away, embarrassed.


Pandering to the boss

These people are on nickname basis with the boss. They will be the first to laugh at a joke he made, or tell him one themselves. They go out of their way to appear indispensable.

Inappropriate dressing

They show up to work dressed as they were when they went club hopping. Thigh length skirts, sheer revealing tops… Everyone else is forced to either look away pointedly or stare surreptitiously, bringing office activity to a standstill.

The messy slob

People who leave common areas messy are among the most inconsiderate. These are areas like the kitchen, bathroom or shared desks. The offenses range from leaving it untidy or refusing to clean up after yourself, to eating someone else’s food.


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