Checkout How Errand Service To Busy People Can Make You A Millionaire

Errand service business is capable of making you millions on monthly basis. People are very busy these days and the realities of the modern day is not helping matters in any way, no! not even in the near future does any solution seem to be in sight, instead more people would be getting busier than ever thereby making the business of errand service to be more viable and worthwhile as a job.

As an individual for instance, there are definitely some things you wish that others have done for you so that you could concentrate on other important things of interests.

There are clothes to be washed and ironed, groceries to be picked from the supermarkets, children to be looked after, foods to be cooked and served and thereafter take care of other things within the home and probably office as well.

All these requires time and that which you do in order to be able to pay your bills likewise requires time too. Considering these realities no doubt keep every one of us at some advantages either to start making money running errand for those who are busy working but has no time for other important things or to see the important of paying others to have things done for us in an exchange for the services rendered.

So in view of this we have seen the wisdom in having things done separately so that both sides are balanced without any part taking what belonged to the other unnecessarily.

‘Jack of all trades’ is usually said to be a master of none, and that is not only when you are doing so many businesses at the same time but when you are adding other businesses that are meant for others into your own so to say.

We took some time here to clarify some possible misconceptions in taking up the money making business of running errand for busy people because some dogmatic..minded persons may look at it as a lazy man’s job, but how wrong there are! Errand service is a genuine business for those that know.

Running errand for busy people can actually make one a millionaire if done well and calculatively too. It all starts with a positive mindset and pure belief in what you are set to do and in fact that’s how all great things in life come about.

It is your duty to dignify whatever you are doing or wants to do in life before every other persons, if not you will for all time remain with nothing realistically acceptable to do with your life till old age comes knocking at the door.

As for errand service business, please consider it a pure millionaire maker because whether you choose to do it or not, people, even graduates with good grades are living big by simply providing errand services to VIPs and making good money in return.

Errand service business is not new because it didn’t start today either. It may only sound new to you as an individual. But the truth is that one can actually make millions of dollars/naira running errands for others.


So having established errand service business as pure business, the next real question we want to provide the answers to is how to get started?

How do I Get Started With Errand Service Business?

How much do I need to begin with and where would I get my customers?

What if people don’t trust me enough to give me their money to run errand for them?

How do I move around if I don’t have a car?

There are many questions to be considered but if really you know how profitable this rather ‘seldom’ talked about business is, you will sacrifice any other things to read how easy it is to get into this gentleman’s business as I would with more details below.

How Errand Service For Busy People Can Make You A Millionaire

Steps to making your millions running errand for busy people.

1. Get yourself registered in your local government as an errand person and have insurance. Though some use to neglect this but it places some limits on the number of clients and how he is seen by some reputable clients.

2. Make a list of big companies/offices in your area with good number of well-paid executives such as headquarters of big manufacturing companies and bank managers.

3. Compose a letter with your services listed and make it compelling for them to see why your services are important to them.

4. Your list should include but not limited to services like, dry-cleaning delivery, post office errands, food pickup and delivery, and even grocery pick up etc.

5. Be good in publicizing your services by (a.) advertising (b.) words of mouth (c.) taking your flyers to different places like dry-cleaning offices, charity event publications that has wider executive readership, grocery stores, food store, and bakeries, set up a blog about your services.

6. Find out what other delivery services are charging and make yours highly competitive.

7. Your services should have some real personal touches especially while starting out newly as this would give you an edge over other big companies within your area.

8. Being friendly with your clients keeps them looking for you at all times.

9. Do not let people know much about your senior citizen clients or the super rich ones for some security reasons. You have to be confidential and this makes your clients to trust you more.

10. Know your area very well so you can make your movements hassle free even if there is any course to delay your delivery.

When you do this unusual business well by giving it a businessman’s approach, you should be ready to start counting your millions within six months to one year, as your satisfied customers would find it hard to keep quiet and not be selling you to their wealthy friends which means more money to your pocket.

Give this business a trial as a man, woman, guy or a young lady and come back here to share your testimony.


Written by How Africa

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