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Checkout The Best Tech to Increase Your Productivity in the Global Economy

The workplace has gone global, and the rise of telecommuting means that, for many employees, the office is wherever they are at any given moment. If you are a remote employee, welcome to the future. Esna reports that of the 4.6 billion people that comprise the global workforce, 20 percent of them telecommute and 65 percent of people felt more productive when they worked remotely. Telecommuting saves companies money and it increases job satisfaction, so it seems that remote work is here to stay — as long as you are productive. Here’s a look at the gear that can increase your productivity and keep you on top of the new global economy:

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

If you have used the touch pad on your laptop for an extended period while working in the field, you know the pain that can come along with it. That’s when you need the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. With its simple shape, portability and wireless technology, you can use this mouse wherever you might be. Smaller than a cell phone, it can fit in your laptop bag or even your pocket with ease. Plus, the device’s USB transceiver magnetically adheres to the bottom of the mouse so the risk of losing it is diminished, and it is small enough that it doesn’t jut out and risk being broken in your USB port like many other wireless mouse transceivers. Whether you are working remotely from the coffee shop or the road, the Arc Touch makes control easy again and gives you back the productivity you lose when using a touch pad.

Cooler Master SF-19


Anyone who has had to work from a laptop remotely knows that once it starts to get hot, it slows down and your productivity can grind to a halt. The worst possible scenario is a computer crash that costs you days or even months of work, all because your laptop got too hot. To prevent this from happening, the Cooler Master SF-19 is a cooling device that attaches to notebook laptops and helps chill it as you work. Designed originally for gaming, the SF-19 has two 140mm fans with adjustable speeds to dissipate heat and 4 USB ports for peripherals and tools. Weighing in at 2kg, it isn’t unnoticeable, but it is a lifesaver when you need to use your laptop’s full processing power for hours at a time. For those who need a mobile workstation that is reliable and up to processing-intense labor, having a powerful cooling device is an important productivity enhancer.

iPhone 6s Smartphone

Having a reliable smartphone with good connectivity isn’t optional in the remote workplace. Being connected and reachable at any time is easy with the iPhone 6s smartphone because of its 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition, purchasing an iPhone 6s on the T-Mobile network gives you access to international data, which means you can be connected wherever your work may take you. This smartphone is a productivity powerhouse, too, with the new A9 Chip, 3D Touch feature that enables you to enact multiple commands with a single touch and the Peek and Pop capability that allows for faster multitasking. With an app for nearly everything you need, a reliable smartphone is a key part of the modern remote worker’s productivity toolkit.


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