Checkout the 5 Worst Facial Tattoos Ever!

Facial tattoos are the riskiest tattoos. They can’t be covered up by clothing, and they will likely close many job opportunities in the future. Some people opt for smaller and more meaningful tattoos, while others dive head-first into the world of non-conformity and facial disfiguration. This is a list of some of the worst facial tattoo mistakes imaginable.

No Vegan, No Gain


We should never judge before sentencing. However, it’s impossible not to praise this man for his strict dedication to avoiding meat, animal by-products, and an honest living.

The Drake Mistake



Everyone has a favorite artist, but this unfortunate girl likely doesn’t have a favorite tattoo artist. This sad Drake tattoo features uneven lining, uncenteredplacement, and an unofficial advertisement for a star that people may end up forgetting. If Drake does ever fall out of fashion, at least she has a backup plan of Brake and Rake.

Nasally Barbershop


Ah, the good old days! When every town had a small barbershop, and every man had buxom women, panthers, and rock n’ roll tattooed across their faces! This man is pure small-town nostalgia. Plus, if you ever get lost on the way for a haircut, just follow his nose!

Truth in Advertising


Who says that advertisements are full of lies? This tattoo is both honest and, well, stupid. At least the guy can be forgiven for his sincerity.

Always Ready for Halloween


If only planning for the holidays were always this simple. With colorful designs covering every inch of his face, he is always ready for Halloween and horror movie night!




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