Checkout 10 Useful Tips on How to Detox Your Body Daily

Do you feel tired and sluggish every day, or just a little ‘not with it’? If you do, that could be a sign that toxins are getting the better of your body and that it’s time to start thinking about a detox. Toxins are impurities that get into the blood. They come from the polluted air that we breathe, the chemicals that are in cosmetics, and from pesticides that are sued on our food. If too many toxins build up, the body won’t be able to handle it and can affect every single cell in the body. You don’t have to go on a drastic detox diet to cleanse your system; you can help your body flush out toxins every single day. Here are ten tips on how to detox your body on a daily basis.

1. Buy organic foods when you can

You can cut down the amount of impurities you are putting into your body by looking for organic produce whenever you can. While eating 100% organic food is probably impractical, there are certain foods that are notoriously high in impurities that you should try to avoid. As a general rule, if you are going to eat the outside of the food, as you would with an apple, or strawberries, then organic will be a lot better for you.

2. Swap coffee for green tea

Small amounts of caffeine are not a problem but, if you are drinking a lot of coffee during the day, then that will be putting a strain on your system. You will be helping the detox process if you switch to green tea instead. It will still give you a small boost of caffeine, but it will also provide you with a good dose of antioxidants and it will speed up your metabolism, which will help with detoxing your body.

3. Eat lots of fibre

Another fabulous tip on how to detox your body daily is to include plenty of fibre into your diet. Eating lots of healthy fibre, which you get from fruit and vegetables and whole grain foods, will keep your digestive system working properly and it helps food pass through your body faster. If you don’t have enough fibre in your diet, food spends longer in your digestive tract, which means that more toxins will be absorbed into your bloodstream.

4. Get a proper night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep isn’t a luxury, it’s essential for the health of your body. If you are not sleeping properly, it can make you gain weight, interfere with your immune system and you will have no energy during the day. If you are tired, you will also be more tempted to take the easy option when it comes to choosing food, like grabbing an unhealthy snack or eating more fast food. Try to get eight hours of sleep at night and then you, and your body, will be in a better position to do something about the toxins in your system.

5. Drink lots of water


This is one of the most important tips on how to detox your body daily. If there is one single thing that you can do to detox your body every day, it would be to drink lots of water. Drinking lots of water will flush toxins out of the body and you will feel more alert, have clearer skin, and it helps your digestive system, your respiratory system and your circulation. Don’t worry about hitting eight glasses of water a day, go for more! Sure, you’ll have to pee more often, by every time you do, that’s more toxins that you will have flushed out of your body.

6. Cut out the bad types of food

Quite simply, the more natural the foods that you eat, the better it is for you, and that means avoiding thing like processed, simple carbohydrates and white sugar. The simple carbohydrates in white flour, white rice, and in white sugar, give you a short term energy boost, but little else. Eat whole grain foods and cut down on sugar and your whole body will work more efficiently and that will mean that fewer toxins will get into your bloodstream.

7. Get more exercise

Another good tip on how to detox your body daily is to exercise regularly. Everyone knows that exercise is important for their health, but it does so much more than just keep you trim. Exercise speeds up your heart rate, gets you breathing better and it makes you sweat and that all helps to flush me toxins out of your body. Make exercise a regular part of your daily routine and that alone will help remove a lot of the toxins from your system.

8. Drink lemon and hot water

Another tip on how to detox your body daily is to drink warm lemon water. Fresh lemon and hot water make a really refreshing drink that will help to drive some of the toxins out of your body. The acidity of the lemon juice will balance the pH level of the body, which helps the digestive system and the liver function properly. The Vitamin C in lemon juice will also help you fight disease and Vitamin C also helps the liver produce glutathione, which is a compound that forces toxins out of the body.

9. Replace one meal a day with a green smoothie

You don’t need to go on any kind of crash diet to detox every day, but, if you were to replace just one meal a day with a detoxifying green smoothie, it would help you lose weight and it will give your body a detoxifying boost. One smoothie meal replacement a day will be enough to assist the detox processes, but it won’t leave you feeling hungry or cause a big drop in your energy levels.

10. Manage your stress

If you are under too much stress, your whole body stops functioning properly and that includes the systems in your body that are responsible for dealing with toxins. Try to reduce stress as much as you can, and make sure that you are setting aside time when you can relax. Reducing stress will bring an enormous boost to your overall health and it will help you flush out more toxins every single day.



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