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Check Out Top 8 Africa’s Most Followed Presidents On Facebook

Social media is an important tool in leadership today and these presidents are making use of it. Here are top eight African presidents according to their number of followers on facebook

8) Macky Sall – 309,195 likes (Verified Account)

Macky Sall is the president of Senegal. In March 2012, he won an election replacing Abdoulaye Wade, who ran for a third term in office. Formerly a close associate of Wade, He broke away in 2008 to form his own party.

He prefers reducing the presidential term from seven years to five and limiting the number of consecutive terms a president can serve to two. This helped him to win the endorsement of other candidates in the run-off against his predecessor.


7) Muhammadu Buhari – 336745 Likes (Verified Account)

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Muhammadu Buhari is the president of nigeria since 2015. He is a retired major general in  nigeria army and previously served as head of stare from 1983 to 1985.

He has employed facebook in interacting with his supporters and citizens. He has  huge number of followers as well on twitter where he talks of governance and other diplomatic issues.

6) Ali Bongo Ondimba – 444,321 Likes (Verified Account)

He won the presidential election on September 3, 2009. He had been widely tipped to succeed his father, Omar Bongo, who died in June after 42 years in power.

Ali Bongo is one of the youngest leaders in Africa and a gifted musician – a talent he inherited from his mother, the Gabonese singer Patience Dabany. He is also a passionate football fan, a hobby he shares with many of his people.

5) Paul Kagame –713,724 Likes (Verified Account)

He is the most popular African leader on social media. Dubbed by the International Telecommunications Union as the “Digital President”, Rwanda’s Kagame has made social media like a second home as social media analysts say he is Africa’s most conversational president. He has the biggest following on Twitter than any other African leader.


His official website has links to his Facebook page, Twitter account, Youtube channel, and Flickr site. He is most notably known for his Twitter activity, where he spars with journalists, comments on foreign issues, and even cheers his favorite soccer team.


4) Abdelaziz Bouteflika – 726,792 Likes (Verified Account)

Algeria’s longest serving president won the 1999 elections and secured landslide victories in 2004 and 2009. He went on to win a fourth term in office in April 2014, despite not campaigning and rarely appearing in public after having suffered a stroke in 2013.

Bouteflika remains popular, being credited with helping to end the devastating 1990s civil war and contain Arab Spring protests in 2011.


3) Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo – 1,419,099 Likes (Verified Account)

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo is the president of Ghana. He is very interactive on facebook and a very significant followers on twitter.
His 2016 campaign created possibilities of how social media can bridge the gap between a public figure and supporters, Some even say he won the election on facebook.


2) Uhuru Kenyatta – 2,876,455 Likes (Verified Account)

The fourth president of Kenya is praised as one of the coolest presidents in Africa. Unlike his predecessors, he has taken to being approachable.

Facebook started out as a tool for his 2011-2012 presidential campaign but he is now the most active African head of state on social media connecting with his fans. To stay up to date with his involvements over the past week, check his social media pages.



1) Mohammed VI, King of Morocco – 2,290,326 Likes

The King of Morocco tops this list. The King is very popular among his followers. Some of his pictures and post gets as a much as 500,729 likes and comments.He will celebrate his 17 year on the throne on july 2017


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