10 African Tech Startups You Need To Know

Africa is a rising worldwide rival in innovation. It was a pioneer in mobile to mobile payment ways with its M-Pesa system, however now new startups are being launched everywhere throughout the continent, even in country regions with practically zero power, as more individuals obtain access to internet and smartphones. There are currently more than 90 tech centers in Africa, as indicated by the World Bank. South Africa still has the most, yet Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Senegal aren’t a long ways behind.

Here are 10 African tech startups you need to know. They’re every single making wave on account of their accentuation on affordability, assorted qualities, and availability.

1. Dropifi

Dropifi 2

In 2013, Dropifi turned into the first African startup to be acknowledged into 500 Startups, a Silicon Valley seed accelerator and investment fund. Started in 2011, Dropifi is a gadget that offers a smart contact form. It helps organizations dissect, visualize, and respond to incoming messages, with a way to utilize social media to see the demographics of webpage guests and message senders, and additionally a formula to examine the feelings in the messages.

2.Able Wireless

Able Wireless

Able Wireless was started in 2013 as an on-demand remote streaming administration supplier in Kenya. The gear utilized sits at the edge of the network and decreases the distance for substance and makes genuine infrastructure on the ground in Kenya that makes it effectively open and accessible by regional standards.

A household box that is produced using an altered Raspberry Pi permits the substance to be conveyed. It additionally serves a remote hotspot that can interface with two different gadgets in the home. With a 24-month contract, Kenyans can utilize the administration for about US $6 a month, much less expensive than different alternatives in the region.

It’s been known as the “Netflix for Africa” in light of the fact that it streams documentaries, motion pictures, music, YouTube features, particular local substance, Al Jazeera, and other general substance.

3. Angani


Situated in Nairobi, Kenya, Angani is an open distributed computing supplier that offers administrations to East Africa. The organization purchases infrustructure in mass and leases it at a lower rate to enterprises in the locale with the goal that organizations don’t need to stress over purchasing equipment, programming, servers, and cooling systems.

Angani administrations range from 512 MB to 16 GB of capacity. The organization is likewise doing an Amazon Web Service framework play for Kenya.

4. SleepOut Kenya

SleepOut Kenya

SleepOut is an online entryway that puts Kenya’s local lodging on the map. It can be utilized by explorers, inn enthusiasts, or sightseers going to the country. There are audits, bookings, and contact data for every one of the hotels.

5. Mellowcabs



Mellowcabs is a South African startup that makes electric pedicabs. Mellowcabs are electric vehicles that give first and last mile open transportation in urban territories. The startup started in South Africa, where taxi organizations are appearing to gain by the developing populace and developing business sector. However, Mellowcabs income model bails them emerge — the rides are free.

6. Waabeh


Music piracy is a tremendous issue in Africa because of absence of protected innovation regulations and absence of implementation. To battle the issue came Kenya’s form of iTunes, a startup called Waabeh. The organization is endeavoring to tackle the issues of inquiry, revelation, and circulation of African audio substance, and needs to give higher eminences to performers all the while.

Clients can stream the music, insert codes into their sites, and share with companions. It is accessible on the web and as an Android mobile application.

7. Jumia


An e-business startup motivated by Amazon, Jumia started in Lagos, Nigeria. On Jumia, individuals can buy anything from hardware to garments to home products. The organization has a 90,000 square foot distribution center in Lagos, furthermore has an office in Egypt. Jumia delivers to Morocco, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, and most as of late, Uganda.


Sterio.me1 is a basic education startup in Africa, where there is a high student to-educator proportion and low proficiency rates. Education is especially basic issue for girls, who are often kept home or taken out of school at an early age. Mobile phone use is increasing in Africa, particularly in light of versatile payment methods like m-Pesa, so SMS-based projects are a decent approach to capitalize on the pattern.

Instructors can record an address or test, transfer it to the site with a code, and learners can get to the code. They additionally get one free calling to the educator with the recording.

9. Obami


Obami is a South African-based social learning stage that acquires individuals the training framework together. Students can make a profile and interface with similar individuals around the globe, get news from schools and groups, and submit school work. The portable application, Obami Tutor, concentrates on private mentoring to help those particularly in the South African education framework.

Instructors that interface with the students utilize an educational program adjusted to the educational system and aide students through the worksheets and different assignments. It’s a membership based administration yet is free while it’s in the BETA stage.

10. Oju Africa

Oju Africa

Apple’s emoji symbols are famously homogenous. Oju Africa, which is controlled by the African versatile organization Mi-Fone, chose to feel free to change the diversion. It as of late released a set of 15 darker emoticons. The set is accessible in the Android Play Store at this time, and an iOS adaptation ought to be accessible soon.

source: Tech Talk Africa


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