Check Out Top 7 Skyscrapers in Africa

Africa possesses different types of buildings from ancient buildings to the modern ones. Here we are taking a look at the skyscrapers in Africa. Below is a list of the top seven skyscrapers in Africa:

1. Carlton Center – Johannesburg (223m)
Carlton has been unrivaled for the last 4 decades since 1973, standing at 223m high with 50 floors. Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, the Center houses offices and shops and is linked to the Carlton Hotel. This is a definitely see any time you visit Joburg.

Carlton Center - Johannesburg (223m)
Carlton Center – Johannesburg (223m)

2. Grande Mosquée Hassan II – Casablanca, Morocco (210m)
Talk of skyscrapers and this religious building makes it second with its minaret standing tall at 210m – the largest in the world. Grande Mosquée Hassan II popularly known as the Hassan II Mosque is the largest in Morocco and the 7th in the world and is located in Casablanca. The Mosque’s Goldaste is 60 floors high and can house approximately 105,000 worshipers at a time, both inside and on its outside grounds.

Grande Mosquée Hassan II – Casablanca, Morocco (210m)
Grande Mosquée Hassan II – Casablanca, Morocco (210m)

3. City Ponte Apartments – Johannesburg (173m)
Another one of South Africa’s Johannesburg, City Ponte is the tallest residential building in Africa with a height of 173m. The cylindrical skyscraper is 55-story high, whose core (the open center) allows extra light into the apartments. Residents have the advantage of an extremely beautiful and unbeaten view of Joburg, making it a favorite of many.

City Ponte Apartments - Johannesburg (173m)
City Ponte Apartments – Johannesburg (173m)

4. UAP Old Mutual Tower – Nairobi (163m)
The highest building in Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi that opened its doors earlier this year, houses offices in its 33-stories in the Upper Hill area. At 163m high, the skyscraper took the first position upon completion in 2015, transcending the 15 years’ record held by Times Tower.

UAP Old Mutual Tower – Nairobi (163m)
UAP Old Mutual Tower – Nairobi (163m) – Photo Courtesy of HeadlineNews

5. NECOM House – Lagos (160m)
Formerly known as NITEL Tower, NECOM House in Lagos is the tallest skyscraper in Nigeria and in the whole of West Africa at 160m. The building houses the Nigerian Telecommunication Company (NITEL) with its communication spire at the top serving as a lighthouse beacon for Lagos Harbor.

NECOM House - Lagos (160m)
NECOM House – Lagos (160m)

6. PSPF Commercial Twin Towers – Dar es Salaam (153m)
Tanzania’s PSPF Towers (A & B) located Dar es Salaam, have a postmodern architectural style with 35 stories. Completed in 2014, the towers are fondly referred to by residents of the East African country as the ‘Pride of Tanzania’.

PSPF Commercial Twin Towers - Dar es Salaam (153m)
PSPF Commercial Twin Towers – Dar es Salaam (153m)

7. Marble Tower – Johannesburg (152m)
Seventh on the list and third from Joburg, Marble Tower, previously Sanlam Center, largely consists of commercial offices and stands tall at 152m. It has 32 floors, out of which 8 are a parking garage.

Marble Tower - Johannesburg (152m)
Marble Tower – Johannesburg (152m)

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