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Check Out These Weird Laws From Around The Globe, Lest A Tourist Becomes A Criminal!

If you thought India is the only one banning questionable things, then apparently you don’t know much about what happens all around the world.

There are many rules and regulations all around the world that make little or no sense at all. We’ll like you to decide for yourself. Here are some of them listed for you.

1. In Iran, it’s punishable by law to have sex with wild animals but it’s okay if you decide to have sex with domesticated animals. 


2. In the state of Florida, from United States Of America, it’s banned for a married woman to skydive unless it’s a Sunday.

Married women take notice!

3. If you’re going to fall asleep in a cheese factory in Ferrara, Italy, you’ll be in a grave situation, since it’s punishable by law.

Don’t fall asleep in a cheese factory!

4. If you’ve decided to ice-skate in Frankfurt, stay below the limit of 50 miles per hour.

Orelse you land in jail!

5. Guess where it’s banned to wear camouflage clothing?..Barbados! Unless you’re in the defense or drug forces.


6. Don’t wink at women in Ottumwa, Iowa! Only if you want to land in trouble and pay an apt fine.

7. If you’re living in Hartford, Connecticut, you’re not allowed to teach any dog anything. Not even your own.

Let your dog pee wherever he likes in Iowa!

8. Again, another daft rule. If you’re found riding an ugly horse in Wilbur, Washington, it sure means trouble for you.

Degrading animals by calling them ugly! Then you are a criminal.

9. Don’t even try to make an ugly face at a dog in Oklahoma, in USA. You’ll land in trouble and that genuinely means jail-time for you.

10. If you’re found making out in a moving vehicle in Eboli, Italy, you have to pay a hefty fine of 415 Euros.

Concentrate on the traffic, guys!


Written by How Africa

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