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Check Out These 11 African Countries Under UN Probe For Being In Close Alliance With North Korea

The United Nations (UN) will probe North Korea’s military collaboration with 11 African nations, as indicated by a report distributed by an eight-part board of specialists on Sept. 9.

The report asserts North Korea avoided worldwide approvals to give military and security help to:




Democratic Republic of Congo








Using private companies and embassies as a front, the communist state was able to sell arms and offer security and military training to these African nations. The US has now called for tighter sanctions to be imposed on North Korea, which is facing mounting criticism over its nuclear weapons program and human rights practices.

In the course of the most recent couple of years, North Korea has sought Africa for partners as it turns out to be more disconnected from the world. In June 2015, Angola was foundto be in control of North Korean marine motors and military water crafts. At a summit in Kampala in May 2016, South Korean authorities at the occasion declared that Uganda swore to stop military dealings with North Korea after an UN report uncovered the untouchable state was putting forth security preparing to the Ugandan police drive.

The latest UN report also revealed how a North Korean company fixed and improved surface-to-air missile systems in Tanzania. Speaking to the Tanzanian publication, The Citizen, foreign affairs minister Dr Suzan Kolimba, claimed not to have know about the report or the upgrades to surface-to-air missile systems.

The connection between North Korea and Africa goes back to the Cold War where the nation was hoping to discover partners among recently freed, communist nations in Africa. Like China and Russia, it was hoping to stamp out western effect on the landmass, and present its foe, South Korea, as a manikin of the US. And keeping in mind that China’s association with Africa is currently for the most part worried about exchange and improvement, North Korea is resolved to discover military and political help on the mainland.

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