Check Out The Top 10 Most Expensive Colleges in The World

The expensive colleges are basically private institutions that charge grand fees providing almost all the amenities a good college gives. There are colleges around the world that come with an extravagant fee structure, let us have a look at them.

It is indeed an opportunity to be a part of these holistic institutions and to study in such expensive colleges. A student has to be financially strong enough to be part of such extravagant colleges. Such expensive college not only reshape the future of the student but also fits some splendid qualities into them. Some well known big shots were also part of these most expensive colleges and reconciled the strongest alumni members.

10. Hamilton College

Located in New York, Hamilton College received its existence in 1793 and ranges a fees structure up to $66,710 yearly. During those times it was a simple boy’s college, however later on making collaboration with Kirkland College it became a co-educational college in the year 1978. Despite of everything, Hamilton College ranks among the top 20 best colleges of the world.

9. Vassar College

Vassar College, a renowned private institution is established in the heart of New York and blows off a strong history as it formed a part of “seven sisters” – a list that initiated the top women colleges in the world. However, in the year 1861 it set up as a women’s college which later on changed to a co-ed institution in the year 1969. The college fees ranges to $68,110 with a marvellous enchanting atmosphere.

8. Haverford College

Haverford College upholds an interesting history as a handful of Noble Laureates belonged to this institution. With a convoy of impressive students along with strong alumni, the College charges fees around $68,712 yearly. Haverford College resides at Pennsylvania and was founded in the year 1883 and this college provides liberal arts courses. Haverford College distinguishes itself with its unique campus culture and ranks one of the best colleges.

7. Scripps College

Situated in California, Scripps College ranks one of the best colleges in the world for women. A renowned member of reputed college – Claremont Colleges; Scripps College charges a fee of $69,260 yearly. Scripps College is a liberal arts college for women. It was founded in the year 1926 along with almost 1000 students. Scripps College is one of the best colleges along with prestigious alumni.

6. Bard College


Located in New York, Bard College ranks in the list of top 50 best colleges in America in terms of academic diligence. The college retains a well balanced and highly impressive lot of faculty and students. Established in the year 1860, Bard College is well known for its curriculum of festivals upholding a strong essence of history and concrete academic focus. The fees structure ranges to $69,787 yearly. The College contains one of the most beautiful campuses in the World.

5. Dartmouth College

One of the oldest as well as the leading colleges of USA, Dartmouth College is situated in the heart of New Hampshire. Dartmouth College had come into existence before the American Revolution and ranks ninth among the oldest colleges in USA. The college offers various streams and courses making its place in one of the best colleges of the world. The fees structure ranges to $71,409 yearly. The college has a splendid infrastructure with eyeful architectural designs. The main motto of this institution was to provide education on Christian theologies to the native Indians residing.

4. Harvey Mudd College

Set up in California, Harvey Mudd College is an eminent member of Claremont Colleges. It is indeed a technological college providing education on streams like engineering, science and mathematics. Harvey Mudd College charges fees up to $74,428 and was named after an eminent personality who also was the first being to invest in this college. A private on- Campus institution- Harvey Mudd college was established in the year 1955.

3. Claremont McKenna College

Claremont McKenna College, California was initially set up as an institution to educate men exclusively in the year of 1946. This college like Scripps College is a member of Claremont Colleges having a fees structure of $79,770 yearly. However, in the year of 1976 the college underwent a transformation and became a co-educational college. Claremont McKenna College secures 4th position in the “Best Universities and Colleges by Salary Potential.”

2. Sarah Lawrence College

Ranked as one of the most expensive colleges, Sarah Lawrence College adopts the teaching technique like that of Oxford University. A wide range of streams are available for study along with in-depth and detailed focus. The fees structure however ranges to $128,672 yearly and provides scholarship programs too. Sarah Lawrence College was established in New York in the year 1926, and till date continues to be one of the best.

1. Williams College

As the name suggests Williams College ranks no. 1 in terms of the best college providing education in America. Established in the year of 1793, the institution is set up at Massachusetts. Williams College is also best known for the study of liberal arts in the state of America. The college gives a widespread chance to opt for three streams such as – humanities, social sciences and science. The fees structure ranges to $138,400 and the college comprises of some renowned alumni members that adds an extra spark to it. The favourable colours of the college are purple and gold.


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