Check Out Some Of The Best Places To Visit In West Africa


Africa is a position of numerous marvels and attractions. Tourism is one segment that gives a noteworthy lifts to the GDPs of numerous African nations. It is a developing segment, despite the fact that in a few nations regardless it faces a few difficulties.

Here, the specific spotlight is on West Africa. Stunning landscape and spellbinding untamed life, culture and assorted variety are the quintessential characteristics of tourism in West Africa. From Dakar to Lagos, it is essentially a paramount and exceptional experience. The following is a rundown of a portion of the spots which must be on your movement list at whatever point you consider going by West Africa.

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1. Freetown, Sierra Leone
The major attraction is the Freetown Peninsula, which is lined with sun-drenched beaches that one will find hard to leave. The jungle mountains by the sea and the splendid beaches make the visit worthwhile.

2. Gambia
It is the smallest country in Africa, and it does not mean that it has to offer small things. Surrounded by golden beaches backed by swaying palms and sprinkled with scenic lagoons, an abundance of wildlife, vibrant history and culture. It offers visitors an opportunity to get in touch with nature and has reserves where you can see various animals and rare species of wildlife such as Abuko National Reserve, Gambia National Park and Bijilo Forest Park. The country has an amazing culture, rich diversity and very friendly people.

3. Lake Aheme, Benin
Talk of a quiet lake with beautiful, sandy shores, then Lake Aheme is the perfect place. Being in a voodoo country, one will have the chance to learn about the voodoo practices and sacrifices. There are plenty fishing methods visitors are taught. The eco-tourism is amazingly excellent.

4. Saharan Oases, Mauritania
Mauritania’s Adrar region is where the Sahara Desert gets serious – rocky escarpments and grand canyons give way to an ocean of sand, dotted with palm-fringed oases. Start at the gateway town of Atar and head into the desert by 4WD or camel, making sure to take in the remote caravan towns of Chinguetti, Ouadane and Terjit, part of the ancient network of trade and cultural exchange that stitched the desert together from Timbuktu in the south to Marrakesh in the north.

5. Ivory Coast
This country is one of the most spectacular gems of West Africa. it is a country surrounded by picture-perfect palm-lined beaches, offering incredible natural and man-made attraction for visitors. The food in Ivory Coast is amazing, from the tasty kedjenou to the delicious poulet braise. It is the country which has the largest cathedral in Africa which is in the capital, Yamoussoukro.

6. Nigeria
Lagos has the beautiful Victoria Island, and one also gets to have a real experience of the daily dealings of bribery, corruption. Dubbed as the “giant of Africa” Nigeria is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. Its subtropical climate, wide beaches, superb surfing, excellent shopping, exciting market, fine restaurants and lively nightlife makes Nigeria a year-round destination. Nigeria will captivate you with its rich and multicultural society. It boasts of beautiful tourist spots such as Olumirin waterfall in Erin-Ijesha, Ife museum in Enuwa square, the Olumo rock, Agbokim waterfall and lot more.The country continues to enthrall and delight its visitors with fabulous wildlife, nightlife and beautiful scenery.

7. Guinea

With many of the region main rivers originating in the Fouta Djallon, this place is filled with mountains and waterfalls. The chilly mountain air and swims over waterfalls make the visit refreshing.

8. Senegambia, The Gambia
This place has a laid-back village feel that truly connects you with the real African identity.

9. Ghana
If you’re planning to visit West Africa this year, make sure you visit the ancient city of Ghana. Hailed as West Africa’s golden child, it is one of Africa’s success stories with a stable democracy in the fast-paced of civilization. Ghana is an ideal destination for those searching for a place to relax, immerse in the authentic African culture and learn more about African history – no wonder it is called ‘Africa for beginners,’ making it a perfect destination for those who want to get their feet wet.

10. Cape Verde
With an abundance of spectacular views and rich culture, Cape Verde is one of the most beautiful destinations in the West Africa. It is located on the west coast of Africa, an arrow-shaped archipelago out in the north Atlantic, consisting of 10 islands and several islets, divided into two groups: Barlavento (windward) islands and Sotavento (leeward) islands. This country offers the best of everything from beautiful beaches, luxury hotels and exotic cuisines. The waters have become a haven for those who love jet-skiing. And if you have never tried this water activity, this may be the perfect time to learn how to ride the waves like a daredevil.

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