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Check Out Photos of the Cars Tupac and Biggie Were Shot in, as They Go on Sale For $2.2m

Someone is attempting to sell the car two of the world’s greatest rap icons were shot in. 64-year-old Gary Zimet, founder of Moments In Time – a business that possesses some morbid memorabilia – is in the process of seeking buyers for the two vehicles Tu Pac Shakur and Biggie Smalls were shot in .
He spoke to Pitchfork about why he is doing it.

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The GMC Suburban SUV Biggie was shot in is reportedly being auctioned $750,000 while the BMW 7 Series Tupac was shot in is said to be going for $1.5 million.

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Zimet says for the vehicles have ‘historical significance’, arguing that he’d sell them to museums, but hasn’t found one yet because they’re ‘perpetually broke.’ He said he got a hold of both cars coincidentally.

Speaking about the car Biggie was shot in he said:

‘Weirdly enough, a family purchased the SUV purely by chance and had no idea of its importance until several years later when they got a postcard from a detective in L.A. saying he needed the car returned for evidence. They had to give it up momentarily but later got it back.’
‘Now, in the case of the Tupac murder car, it’s been fully restored and, unfortunately, all the bullet holes were done over and you can hardly tell it was a car used in a murder. ‘However, with the Biggie car, although the doors were replaced [the LAPD cut off the original doors for evidence], there is a bullet hole still visible in the seatbelt!’


He also admits that trying to sell the vehicles is creepy, but the fact it surrounds the deaths of two of hip-hops most influential figures ‘appeals to people



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