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Top 5 Healthcare Systems In Africa

Dungla Hospital in Dungla, in the Amhara region, Ethiopia. Safe surgery practiced here supported by General surgeon, Dr. Emdris Alkadir, 37 and medical director, Dr. Bantelay Getachew, 27. Dr. Bantelay is mainly a manager who has worked to help tie the medical side to the business side of the hospital.
Emergency C-sectioin,
Yeshialem Endalew, 24, teacher, first baby. She had failed induction. She was a 10cm but baby was not coming out and water had already broken a while back…she was post term. Decision made to do a c-section . She lives far away from Dungla where there is only a health post, over 100 km, but came to Dungla since both her parents and her husband’s parents live here and could support them with this birth.
She was frightened before the birth was crying, but after surgery she was glad to see a very healthy baby, the big guy was almost 10 pounds
Midwife, Megistu Eaba, 26, takes care of the baby while the team works on the mom having a c-section.

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