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Check Out 9 Types Of Cuddling That Gives The Whole Truth About Your Relationship 

Who does not like being pampered but even more receive hugs especially if they come from the person you love? Did you know that there are different meanings for each hug we are made to? And that their meaning is not always what one can believe? So here’s the truth about some hugs in a relationship.

1- The hug in the back

A strong hug in the back shows that man is ready to protect you from all problems and that he is not afraid of responsibilities. He is a true gentleman and you will feel totally safe at his side.


2- The hug by the size

Even if man has not yet confessed to you his feelings, this hug speaks for himself: he is mad about you. He is defenseless and he wants to spend as much time as possible with you. But be careful: these men often fall in love and are changing.


3- The hug with a pat on the back

This hug is usually associated with a friendly rather than a loving relationship. If you are simple friends, it is unlikely that your relationship will have a romantic sequel: the man will support you and listen to you, no more. However, if you are a couple and it is the only hug you are experiencing with him, it may be that your partner does not feel a love passionate and overflowing for you.

4- The hug “The eyes in the eyes”

If he embraces you with tenderness and delicacy and then looks straight into your eyes, you can be sure that this is the proof of true love and a deep bond between the two of you. You are very important to him, just like everything that happens in your relationship. This relationship has a future and the latter will no doubt be happy.



5- The hug “bridge”

There is a real distance between you, and the hug is somewhat embarrassing. It seems you do not really like it, but you do not want to show it openly. Why resort to this kind of masquerade? If you do not get along with that person, greet her soberly without kissing her. Although there are also exceptions: if you go to a family meal and you see a member of your family that you do not like too much, this type of salvation can serve you.

6- The long hug

Everyone knows this kind of cuddling: we need it when we want to feel support from our partner or loved ones. No need to talk, just a hug and you already feel a little better. If so, you can be sure that this man is willing to be with you in good times and bad times, which is very important.


7- The hug brace

If your partner likes to hug you, he wants to show you that he protects you and takes care of you. If you are only friends, the man offers you his support. But if the woman is the one who makes this kind of hug to the man (especially before saying goodbye), it is very likely that she considers him only as a good friend and that it will be difficult to form a relationship.


8- The sensual hug

This boy is very passionate and looking forward to reaching a new stage in your relationship. He also seeks to show that the woman belongs to him. If the relationship has just begun and your partner already wants to move on to the second level, it is unlikely that he will feel any real feelings. Everything seems to be a game for him. But if you have been together for a long time, there is nothing bad: on the contrary, he still feels passion for you.


9- The hug “key of arms”

If the man embraces you strongly by seeing you and caresses your back, you are very lucky: you are very important to him. These men are very sincere and romantic, they dream of having a strong and happy family. Besides, these are good husbands – so it’s a good sign for your relationship.



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