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Check out Five Cars You Should Drive Before You Die


The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most iconic American automobiles to ever be produced. The original design of the vehicle was based on the Jeep Willys, and has undergone its own design evolution in that timeframe. The vehicle is credited with basically getting Americans started with off-roading with their automobiles, and driving just about any model with a standard shift and top down or removed makes it one of the “must-drives” on the cars one should drive before you die. For the adrenaline junkie in you, taking an off-road drive in a Jeep that has been lifted is an experience hard to match across most other makes and models of automobile ever produced.



The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is perfect for the driver who wants to drive as fast as humanly possible before he or she dies. Unlike other extreme luxury sports cars that go fast, the Veyron is one of the easiest power production vehicles in the world to drive. Add in the top-end speed of 253 MPH, and it is easy to see why so many auto drivers have fallen in love with the vehicle. Engineered by Volkswagen, the car includes all-wheel drive, a stronger-than-normal suspension, and a total of 12 radiators to support the sheer engineering power required to run the Veyron 16.4.  One of the most challenging aspects of driving the Veyron is actually finding someone to let you give it a try since the cars are reported to sell for more than $200,000 USD.



The Porsche 911 is one of the original muscle cars in the automotive industry. The original production runs of the Porsche required a significant amount of skill to drive effectively compared to the current year models. As a result, the Porsche 911 Carrera RS makes our list of the must-drive automobiles for one to drive before its time to die. The Carrera RS was released by the company in 1973 and was lightweight featuring a larger front unit along with a new rear spoiler. These improvements helped to resolve many of the stability issues at high speed that the car suffered from earlier in its production life. The car’s engine size was increased to 2.7 liters and it is rated at 207 horsepower making it one of the faster 911s of the early models of the vehicle.




The second generation Lotus Elise is worth driving before one dies due to its traits of combining low weight and high agility in a vehicle. The auto first debuted at the 1995 Frankfurt Auto Show, and it is based on a very rigid aluminum tub design. Weighing under 2,000 pounds, the car delivers one of the most intimate driving experiences of any automobile one will drive. The auto’s engine is a Toyota-sourced 1.8 liter, V4 that is rated at 189 horsepower. Combined with the overall low weight of the vehicle, this powertrain lets the car go from zero to 60 in under five seconds. The auto’s steering is unassisted, and cabin is fairly small, but overall driving experience is one not to miss.



When a car aficionado first things of a luxury sports car, the Ferrari 250GT SWB is one of the first autos to come to mind. When the power of a V-12 engine is added to the mix similar to the original design of the vehicle, the auto definitely fits in any list of cars that one should drive before you die. The Ferrari 250 GT SWB (short wheel base) just sounds cool when running. Between the engine noise exhaust, the auto gives off an aurora of power and the street-legal versions of the vehicle are rated between 220 and 240 horsepower. One of the most popular Ferrari builds is the Pininfarina-styled Gran Turismoberlinetta that was produced by the company between 1960 and 1962. The shifter of the auto is one of the best to give the driver a true feel of the car that is hard to match with modern sports car builds which use an electronic throttle.




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