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If you have tried all medical procedures and herbal therapies with no success, you should read this too.

If you have uterine fibroids or suspect you might have fibroids, one of the things you will be wondering is ‘why me?’

This is a very important question, and one that plagues many women who suffer from fibroids. The simple answer to why women get fibroids is that there is no absolute cause or none that can be directly pinpointed.

What medical researchers and physicians do know is that uterine fibroids are greatly affected by changing estrogen (hormone) levels, which play a part in the fibroid tumour development and growth.

Uterine fibroids can be small and inconspicuous, about the size of a walnut or they can be large up to the size of a grape fruit or a melon. Alternatively, women can have multiple uterine fibroids of varying sizes and densities.

Usually, when there is one uterine fibroid present, there are more fibroids. Uterine fibroids start as small seedlings, so tiny you’d need the aid of a microscope to see them. They can then spread throughout the uterus’ muscular wall structure.

Important Fibroid Symptoms

– Uterine fibroids symptoms depend on the size, number, location and pathological findings. Important symptoms are…

– Abnormal bleeding and abdominal discomfort

– Heavy or painful periods

– Excessive length of menstruation

– Lower back pain


– A sensation of fullness or pressure in the abdominal area

– Interference with other organs and nerves due to their large sizes pressing on them

– Urinary frequency or retention, back ache, and in some cases infertility

Negative Effects of Fibroids

Pain may be experienced during sexual intercourse depending on the location of the fibroids. Fibroids may also be the cause of the following during pregnancy:

– Miscarriage

– Painful  sexual intercourse

– Premature labor

– Interference with position of foetus

Furthermore, it causes broken marriage, loss of job, tiredness, leanness due to shortage of blood and sadness.

Other causes of fibroids can be genetic, hormonal, environmental or some combination of all of these. In fact, doctors are sure that these risk factors, and potentially causal agents, all interact with each other to increase the likelihood of uterine fibroid development.

So, if uterine fibroids are making your life a misery, below are the details on how you can get the best natural remedies to get rid of them easily, naturally and with no side effects;

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