Check Out 6 Of Africa’s Most Generous Countries!! (South Africa, Nigeria make the top 5)

Most Generous African countries

Africa is exceedingly respected not only for the extravagance of its mineral assets additionally the sheer liberality and accommodation of Africans. A 2015 list on worldwide giving by the Charities Aid Foundation went for driving home the requirement for altruism and worldwide guide records the African nations with the best execution as to neighborliness and magnanimity.

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The aim of this index is to track how rates of giving change year by year and to stimulate debate about why rates of giving differ between nations and how we can encourage more people to give, in whatever way they can, to help others and strengthen society. Here, according to this index, are six of Africa’s most generous countries.


This East African nation scored 52 percent and is ranked 11th in the world for philanthropic giving. In terms of time allotted to volunteering, Kenya ranks eighth in the world scoring 43 percent, with 67% of the population known to be active in helping strangers.


Despite 85 percent of the population living below the international poverty margin, Liberia stands tall among those with an instinct to extend a helping hand to the needy. The country chalked up a score of 45 percent with a world ranking of 25th. Liberia’s capacity to help strangers scored a whopping 78% – making it a truly and practically hospitable nation in Africa.

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West Africa’s largest economy did not miss the chance to stand among Africa’s most hospitable countries. On the world stage, Nigeria earned an overall ranking of 43 and a performance score of 42 percent. When it comes to time sacrificed for volunteering, the West African country came in 29th!

Meanwhile in Malawi


Located in southeastern Africa, Malawi closely locked horns with Nigeria in the world ranking index, earning the same performance score of 42 percent but a world ranking of 43 – a score which places the country as Africa’s fourth most hospitable state in 2015.

Discover the Best of Mauritius


You may be surprised to learn that Mauritius is ranked above South Africa, Chile, and France as the world’s 45th most hospitable country in 2015. Per the index, Mauritius scored 41 percent, with 39 percent of the total population documented to be eager to sacrifice their energies to help strangers.

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South Africa

In spite of the periodic outbreaks of xenophia which have marred its reputation, this post-apartheid Rainbow Nation scored an average of 40 percent in generosity, making it the 49th most hospitable country in the world and 5th in Africa. It is no wonder that just the mention of South Africa brings home memories of lovely tourist attractions, safety, hospitality, and sheer warmth!

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