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Charleston Massacre was actually the assassination of a State Senator

How come mass media failed to put emphasis on the fact that State Senator Clementa Pinckney was one of the victims of a domestic terrorist, Dylann Storm Roof. What many don’t know is Clementa Pinckney was a Democrat state senator who campaigned for police to wear body cameras as well as raise the minimum wage in the state of SC.

charleston assassination


This should make you start to ask questions about this developing story? Sen. Clementa Pinckney was a pastor of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church where the domestic terrorist came into a bible study group sought out the Senator then opened fire killing the senator and 8 other innocent victims.

When this story first emerged something just didn’t seem right so I waited to. It just seemed too convenient with all the recent events. But now it all makes sense this young man may have been sent to assassinate the senator and make it appear to be a random hate crime.

The most disturbing part of this story is when he was apprehended not only was he treated with dignity but he was provided a bullet proof vest to preserve his livelihood. White privilege must be nice. Kenya Green


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  1. Is he crazy? Is he racist? Is he a terrorist? Is he a crazy, racist terrorist?

    While the media has you playing online charades, America had gone back to its old, tried and trusted formula of angry lone nut supposedly shooting someone who the establishment wants out of the way.

    Lee Harvey Oswald/JFK. Siran Siran/RFK. James Earl Ray/MLK. Arthur Bremer/George Wallace. Mark Chapman/John Lennon. John Hinckley/Ronald Reagan. The list goes on.

    All apparently shot supposedly by a lone nut. Therefore you can’t rationalise ‘why did he do it?’ ‘He was crazy.’ Why are agitators killed by ‘crazy guys’?

    Now we have this young man supposedly shooting a senator who was campaigning for police body cameras and more, while complaining about government ineptitude. If he wanted to kill lots of black people, why not visit the church on Sunday when it’s full? Instead he drives for hours on a Wednesday and specifies he wanted to sit near the senator.

    In his book, Double Cross, Sam Giancana mentions this angry lone nut/patsy method and pattern of political assassination. He said it’s as old as the Sicilian hills. He also said he’s surprised not too many people have caught onto it yet.

    • Derek I have been saying that since day one. Not only did he drive 2 hours, but he passed two Historically Black Universities on the way to Charleston. Wait a minute!!! He also lived about 30 minutes from two other Historically Black University and college. So this twerp passed up 4 HBCUs togo to a Bible study with only 12 people is BS and it makes me angry that no one is willing to call it what it is….. CLEARLY an assassination. I have also stated it’s no coincidence Senator Pinckney was the pastor of the oldest AME church in the South. They were setting the stage for something big.

      • He went to one of the oldest AME churches in Charleston which was home to a slave market. Columbia didn’t have either of these. He stated that he selected his target for reasons. Want to make up any more nonsense?

        • did he say what those reasons were? who’s to say that assassinating Sen Pinckney wasn’t one of them!? Don’t be so quick to deny the possibility. Ignorance is abundant in this world. We are in a sad state!

        • Maybe his reasons were exactly what this story is saying they were,unless he stated some other reasons!!!! I really don’t know,so I ain’t gonna just say anything,like I know what’s going on!!!!!!!

      • I thought the same thing!!!!! This information must be revealed to everyone so people will wake up from the lies that they have been fed by the media and lying officials!!!! WAKEUPBLLP, WAKEUP!!!

  2. You cannot just forgive someone without them repenting. Black nation please wake up from your slave mentality slumber!!!!!

  3. To the author: do you not realize that your assertion is A) baseless with no facts, just a big “what if…” And B) the Beltway sniper, Lee Boyd Malvo, who killed 10 people and injured 3 (just in the DC area, he had 17 victims elsewhere, bringing his total to 30), was also apprehended peacefully and was provided a bulletproof vest. The insanity that is white privla…. Wait, that’s right. Malvo was black.

    • That was just ONE person talking about The beltway sniper being black there are countless WHITE Assassins killers Who are all treated with dignity respect if that was a black man and we killed white people he never would’ve made it and I live that’s what I know down there in the south or even the north so please White privilege is alive and prevalent in the society as it always has been and I suspect it always will be in the racism starts at the top Capitol Hill and trickles down to you every day people and by the way each time one of you open your
      mouth to either explain make excuses or make a comment in reference to parity and so far is black and white is concerned you show immediately your racism the sheer lack of respect for what is what’s happening in the black community in so far as the police killing blacks like animals or they treat animals Breyer and without respect than they do us so please

      • Norman, I understand that you are very upset as are a lot of people – black, white and otherwise from the shooting in SC and prior to that. It goes without saying Im sure you know not all white people are “white priviledged.” And do know that there are white people among other ethnicities/ races outside of black people in American who understand the plight (sp?) of black people in America and are on your side in the fight against racism! Also, Im sure you know all white do not like each other and are not one big happy group. White people are prejudiced toward white people believe you me! For example, aristocracy verses the peasantry and prejudices in and among them. I hope you have some peace of mind. Im sure you are not making generalizations about white people; you are just upset and understandably so. And I hope that the white people who read this webpage can stop being so defensive and try to have some understanding of what you are expressing. Thanks for listening – a “white person”

    • But he is on to somethinng @shaun. The same can be said about the dc snipers that took away the founder of the first black owned distribution network (Matah Network). These things aren’t just random. But God is with us and all you gotta do is stay black and die.

    • When u see Black people getting this special treatment, this is a hint & sign to the wise that they have been set up & used for a bigger agenda.

  4. When you take into account that at the exact same time as the killer was arrested,
    Obama held a speech on the global Trade deals on cspan… A church shooting takes away the focus nicely. And South Carolina can look forward to loosing 350.000 jobs if those deals pass.

    • DaQwon, Im afraid you are coming across as being very narrow minded. Please see my reply to Shaun and Norman’s comments for my perspective on this subject. Im sure you are aware of the many, many prejuduces within and among the white race. White people are anti-white people themselves. Personally, Norman did not come across to me, a “white person,” as being anti-caucasian what so ever! Thanks for listening!

  5. I’m bored of this lone nut scenario now. He is no different to Gavrilo Princip who was blamed for starting World War One. The real culprits stay hidden as always and the little man takes the blame.. while the super rich, powerful and invisible continue playing their sick games. Nothing will ever change while the real crazies run the asylum.

  6. I knew it was an assassination as soon as I realized who he was after recognizing he was the same person who vividly spoke up when a South Carolina Black Male was maliciously shot in the back and murdered by a white cop. I knew he was the one who spoke up and said it was imperative that South Carolina Cops can not be trusted to do what was right in treating African American Citizens with just as much respect as they do whites and body cameras were necessary. What I did not know that he was a Pastor who this kid ask for by name when he entered this historical Black Church. I knew then when I learned that this young white racist had ask others in the Church to point him out. He was another leader who was emerging in the Black Community! It is definitely time to rise for we are returning to beyond the 60’s period and we have to make a stand. Marching, singing in unison and praising God will not end our peril, suffering and pain in America. For those who are believers who are constantly in their knees praying, please know that “Faith without WORKS are dead!” That is in the Bible. I myself began to study who Ham, his father and his sons truly were and we all should know now that the land of Ham which is footnoted in most Bibles is Egypt. Ethiopia was next to Egypt which was one of Ham’s sons country. Ham was named at birth by his father because of his very dark color meaning “the black one!” The Egyptians and the Hebrew Jews ( not the Ashkenazi Jews in Israel now who’s DNA can not be linked to Ham) were from the area where Ham and his family lived. The curse that was placed on Ham’s son by Ham’s father came to pass and they were conquered. Know Scipio Africanus was a Greek General who conquered Egypt and its territories and renamed all of Egypt Africa and its people became Africans! Egyptians, the Hebrew Israelites, Hebrew Jews, Moors(meaning Black) are who we truly are! Learn the true history of your ancestors and know God’s real name!

  7. I enjoyed Marcus Stanley’s facebook post to Dylan Roof. As was said, it took an act of God to be able to say such a love filled message. The story of Marcus Stanley was very heart warming as well. Thanks for sharing.

    Im new to blogging. Staying on topic and directing the responses to the appropriate people can be quite confusing. Having said that, I think that the point that the shooting was, overall or in part, to assassinate Senator Pinckney is very valid. I have wondered why Roof was at a Bible study with important community figures present. I too have thought that was very odd.

    The massacre has been labeled a hate crime by the FBI. Personally, I feel it was an act of terrorism taking into consideration all of the recent shootings of black people resulting in unrest in the black communities especially. The frustation and anger I am hearing, and feeling myself, is quite justified. I am in complete agreement that black people are treated, by and large, unfairly and unjustly by law enforcement among others.

    Thank you for this avenue to express my concerns and feelings on the matter.

  8. I would call this irresponsible journalism but this dribble does not even deserve the time or effort it took for me to type this. It was not an assassination it was a mass murder. Many such suspects of all races are provided bullet proof vests during transport. Remember the Washington sniper? Do some damn research next time.

  9. Ruined by the last ignorant statement. It’s the law to put high profile suspects in protective custody. Would u rather him be shot and killed instantly? Or rot in prison for at least a few years first so he can truly think about the horrible thing he’s done? Practice what you preach – don’t say dumb racist shit.

  10. The most common signature of a false flag operation, as far as I can tell, is that it kills several birds with one stone as far as the powers that be are concerned. Genuine lone wolf acts of terrorism are generally one dimensional in their motivation and targets. Here we see multiple political gains from this single event. Firstly, the race aspect, that attempts to further stir up racial tensions in this country (divide and conquer) and distract the public from far more important issues that will affect us all, such as the TPP. Secondly is the second amendment, that will receive another nail in it’s coffin from this event. Thirdly, the first amendment will also be weakened by this event and we are already seeing the results with the banning of the confederate flag. Finally Senator pinckney is taken out, who as this article states, was campaigning for human rights issues, including police body cameras and increased minimum wages, I also suspect he was seen as a potential future presidential candidate who could not be bought.
    All in all i can’t imagine how this 21 year old (or his patsy double) could plan all this out on his own. He obviously intended to kill senator Pinckney, because he asked to sit near him, but why would an immature newbie racist pick out such a specific target?
    Rather than wake up the masses, these ever increasing false flag events have the effect of numbing us, despite the glaringly obvious clues to their falseness, that the awake among us desperately try to expose.

  11. No. This was a jewish attempt to destroy a black man they didn’t want to change things for the police and fraternal orders. This is being blamed on a “white” person and thrown in their face with “confederate flags”. Black folk, don’t be stuck on stupid following the jews. You know they hate white people and will do anything to destroy them. You know that jews will do anything to destroy you, too. Jews are trying to get you folks to do just that. Don’t buy into the hype. This was a set up, and the “Dylann Storm Roof” ain’t even his real name. Naw. Be real. He was shooting up in there the SAME day that the feds scheduled a “crisis actor drill” to go on there? Do they think black ppl are stupid or just the southern white folk they tryin to rile up too? Be wise my brothers and sisters. The Jews be tryin’ to play us all here cuz they think if u lookin at whites an they lookin at u, then nobody be lookin at the jew who screwin and destroyin everybody. that’s they plan.

    • Listen up, everyone.

      Damian Saunders is 100% correct. He has this figured out; and more and more people are beginning to figure it out every day.
      These “jewish” monsters he refers to are FRAUDS. And they are experts at playing everyone against each other. They’ve been doing it for hundreds of years. Their plan is to destroy all gentile peoples, as in KILL THEM ALL. White, Black, Yellow, Red… they are trying to destroy them all. They want the planet for themselves. They consider all non-Jews as lowly as cattle – they call you/us all GOYIM (a very insulting term).

      But they are not even REAL JEWS. They are known as Ashkenazi Jews and they are frauds. They are light-skinned but DO NOT CONSIDER THEMSELVES WHITE. They HATE White European and Nordic peoples most because they have always prevented these frauds from destroying and ruling the World. These Ashkenazi Jews (AKA Khazars) have deceived the entire world. DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR LIES. All races must unite and work together to STOP THEM… or they will destroy us all.

      They have taken control of most ALL nations’ governments, INCLUDING the US Government and ALL European governments. They completely own the mainstream media and they created and own Hollywood (both are used for PROPAGANDA). They completely own the World’s Banking system and now also own most large corporations.

      “I know thy works, and tribulations, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews, and are not, BUT ARE THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.” – Revelation 2:9

      *** Listen to The Honorable Rev. Louis Farrakhan… HE KNOWS. And he can explain this all extremely well. ***

      God Bless.
      Be Strong.

  12. Most of you guys would be great material for the continued decline in the treatment of the mentally ill. How any intelligent human being can begin to believe this crap is beyond compression. Please for the love of humanity educate yourself.

  13. youre saying it was made to look like a hate crime but wasn’t. So it was based on race. Then your comment brings it back to race at the end. So even when it isn’t about race it’s about race…..

    • Yes it’s about race in so much as those sitting in ivory towers pontificating have a much safer position if the ‘serfs’ below are busy hating and killing each’s an old tried and tested method of control. This guy probably didn’t have a hateful bone in is body until he was truly messed up with trauma and drugs. But 99% of people have no idea how advanced mind control methods are so when events like this happen they can’t decipher the signs. I can and it’s pretty fucking obvious. It’s nothing new though it’s just got more sophisticated to the point where you will never notice these people within your midst

  14. Don’t be surprised if he comes up strangled in his cell, suicidal, when he begins to call names. He didn’t even finish 9th grade and he’s writing a manifesto? Please! He was following directions.

    • Might be a relief for him! Look at his eyes man that is not the look of a normal, functioning human being. He has been fucked up beyond belief is my guess. I’m not sure he will even get release in death tbh but that is another story

  15. White priveledge? Your black sniper who killed even more people got a vest also. He also was taken for food and treated nicely. Do your research race baiter.

  16. White privilege? Lmfao.. The DC sniper was given a bullet proof vest as well. And he was black. The author of this article is surely a racist asshole pushing uneducated articles out like the rest of the media. People need to wake the Fuck up and just stop with all the hate.. The government and media alike are getting exactly what they want.

    • and from the very next day you hear nothing again about a news story that should break open the river and let truth come out. The way the media has been silent since kills my soul tbh. No such thing as a media it is just a tool to tell people what is supposedly true. The level of apathy from people is scary and I hope they enjoy the hell they are letting in to their reality.

  17. They are desperate to get hold of the guns! This latest thing is no surprise really! They want to shock the American public to accept gun laws and what better than recording a murder on film like that? Too obvious to me. try harder evil fucks

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