Charles Sirleaf: Ex-President Ellen Johnson’s Son Gets New $16m Charge in Liberia’ Currency Printing Saga

A former deputy governor of Liberia’s central bank has been rearrested and slapped with a further charge for his involvement in the printing of $16 million worth of local currency notes.

Charles Sirleaf, a son of former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, is now facing charges that are amounting to $120 million.


Before his latest arrest on Tuesday (August 20), he was already facing a charge relating to unlawful and unregulated printing of about $104m worth of local banknotes. The Liberian currency is known as the Liberian dollars.

The solicitor-general, Sayma Syrenius Cephus, confirmed to a BBC reporter in Monrovia that Mr Sirleaf was released shortly after his arrest on health grounds. “We wanted him to be alive when we prosecute him,” he is quoted to have said.

The West African country has been gripped with the case of missing bank notes from the ports in 2018. Another detainee in the ongoing probe is Milton Weeks, a former central bank governor.

Liberia president ordered a full probe into the incident that sparked off protests in parts of the country. Justice Minister Musa Dean in March 2019 confirmed that the arrests of Weeks and Sirleaf was in connection with a forensic audit report which had implicated them in the saga.

The Kroll report said that Liberia’s Central Bank acted “unilaterally and unlawfully” by printing and importing into the country three times the amount of banknotes it had been authorised to do, a US-contracted international investigation report disclosed.


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  1. It does not surprise me. My people have become as corrupt and lowdown as their colonial teachers and oppressors. But what I can guarantee is there are some white skins behind him that printed the noted being imported. But all media will do is show the black face. Just like in Mozambique with the white Australian got $600 of the loan of $2 billion and all the blacks involved have been rounded up. But white boys behind the whole scheme are stilling free. Corruption is corruption no matter the country. Western media just makes African countries look the worse. They will not tell you of the corruption in the EU that account for almost $500 billion in the EU block in 2018 alone. That dwarfs anything going on in Africa. But again white people cover their shit so no one can smell it clearly. And try to distract the world from their centuries of ill behavior. Now want to use the black race as the face of corruption be the real number will tell you the European, and American Whites by far are the greatest financial and war criminals on planet earth.

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