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How to Change Your WhatsApp Message Font Size

WhatsApp is finally letting its users add formatting to their texts. WhatsApp users can now use bold,italics and strike through in their text messages—and it might just change the way we chat to our friends.

The news comes as WhatsApp also introduced the ability to embed a previous text in your reply, like a Quote-Tweet on Twitter, and forward content to other conversations .

The new updates can be done by;


• Bold: Add an asterisk (*) before and after the specific words or phrases you want to embolden e.g. *hello*

• Italics: Add an underscore (_) before and after your chosen words or phrases
e.g. _hello_

• Strikethrough: Add a tilde (~) before and after the words or phrases you want to strike a line through e.g. ~hello~

Chosen words or phrases will embolden, italicise or strikethrough after it has been sent as long as you have the latest version of WhatsApp running on your Smartphone.

These codes can also be used online via the WhatsApp Web Client, but the formatting will only appear in the app-based version of the chats.


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