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Champions League Final: Months After Losing to Real Madrid, Jurgen Klopp Attacks Ramos

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp is still up against Sergio Ramos for his move on Mohammed Salah in the Champions League final.

On May 26, while Liverpool met Real Madrid for the Champions League final, a duel of arms between Mohammed Salah and Sergio Ramos led to the Egyptian injury’s exit.


Two months after this incident, the coach of the Reds returned to this subject Friday night during their preseason in the United States.

“If you look at the picture and you’re not Real Madrid, then you think it’s ruthless and brutal,” Klopp told reporters.


“I’m not sure it’s an experience we’ll have to live with again: nudge the goalkeeper, knock down the attacker like a wrestler, then win the match … And I do not have liked what he said afterwards. He wondered what was being criticized for him, said it was normal. No, it’s not normal. There are many situations with Ramos, “he added.

“The year before against Juventus, he was responsible for the red card awarded to Juan Cuadrado. Nobody talked about it after. “

“It’s as if we, the outside world, accept that you use every weapon to win the game. “

“We are aggressive but I always use the word” legal “. Usually, if you try something, you will be punished. Someone will see this and you will be banned from gambling for four or five weeks. But in this case, nothing has been done. “

“This referee should have had the courage to decide this game. “

Jurgen Klopp’s foals are currently in the United States for their pre-season preparation. They will start their season of Premier League 2018-19 against West Ham on August 12th.


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