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Chadwick Boseman Gives His Award to Waffle House Hero During His Acceptance Speech

If you tuned into the MTV Movie and TV Awards Monday night, you were probably just as excited as I was, to see who would walk away with some of the night’s biggest honors. While the awards show category “Best Hero” offered strong nominees for the award, I was fully prepared to watch Chadwick Boseman, who played Black Panther, receive the honor. However, what I was not prepared for, was who the honor would actually go to.

Chadwick Boseman, ultimately gave his award to a man considered a real-life hero, James Shaw Jr. If you are unfamiliar with who he is, he bravely stopped a deadly shooting at a Waffle House back in April of this year. Along with wrestling an AR – 15 style rifle away from the shooter, James then went on to raise over $200,000 for the families of the four victims that were killed in the shooting. James Shaw Jr, has been honored for his bravery and courage, and tonight was no exception.


When Boseman’s name was announced as the winner, we watched as he walked up to the podium and surprised not only the audience, but those of us watching from home, with what he would say next.

“Thank you to the fans. You made this movie special, so thank you so much for what you did” he then continued on to say “Receiving an award for playing a superhero is amazing. But it’s even greater to acknowledge the heroes that we have in real life. So I just want to acknowledge somebody that’s here today. James Shaw Jr., where are you? Stand. You didn’t even know we were about to do this did you? If you don’t know James Shaw Jr., he fought off a gunman in Antioch, Tennessee at a Waffle House. He saved lives. Come on up here”

Boseman, handing over his award to Shaw, went on to say, “This is going to live at your house”. Please hold, while I grab a tissue!

Boseman continued to honor Shaw by posting a tribute on Twitter



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