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Chadian Minister of Civil Aviation Fired for Refusing to Take Oath on the Bible

The Minister of Civil Aviation, Transportation and National Meteorology, Amane Djibergui Rosine was fired last Thursday from the new Chadian government, after she refused to swear an oath on the Bible.

According to the Chadian constitution, members of the government must take an oath before the president on the Quran in the name of Allah for Muslims and on the Bible in the name of God for Christians. Swearing is done according to a consecrated formula prepared by the High Council for Islamic Affairs.


However, Amane Djibergui Rosine, a Protestant confessor, challenged the nomination process. She said her faith does not allow her to swear on the Bible, but she has offered to sign a pledge of loyalty. Her proposal was rejected by the Court and she was fired on the spot.

President Idriss Deby proposed in her place General Mahamat Taher Rozzi who was invited to the ceremony.

Shortly before the passage of Amane Djibergui Rosine, the minister of communication and spokesman of the government, Madeleine Alingue had refused to “swear” in the name of God but “promise” in the name of God. She had been temporarily suspended but the President of the Court had reversed his decision.

The inauguration ceremony sparked a great debate on the secular side of the fourth Republic in which Chad entered a week ago.


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