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Chad To Receive Six Black Rhinos From South Africa

Chad is set to receive six endangered black rhinos from South Africa in a bid to restock the animals in the Central African country.

Pretoria’s environment ministry announced the move on Monday, saying a team of experts would be dispatched to N’Djamena to assess the habitat before the animals are ferried.


“A team of experts from South Africa will visit Chad to assess the habitat, security and management suitability and associated ecological parameters as well as infrastructural readiness prior to the translocation,” it said in a statement.

No date for relocation has been set yet.

The rhinos’ will be relocated to the Zakouma National Park in the southeast of Chad.

Found just south of the Sahara Desert, Zakouma is home to a recovering elephant population of several hundred and is managed by the African Parks Foundation, a conservation NGO.

Black rhinos have not roamed Chad since the early 1970s and the species has been eliminated from much of its original range in the face of relentless poaching.

Poaching in South Africa has however reduced due to concerted conservation efforts by both the government and non-governmental organizations.


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