Chad Gives Libyans A 24-hour Ultimatum To Free All Migrants

Chad gives Libyan government 24-hour ultimatum to free all migrants or face serious consequences

IDRIS DERBY, the President of the Republic of Chad, broke the silence on the ongoing slave trade in Libya by giving the Libyan government and its people 24 hours to liberate all Africans held as slaves and all African migrants in their country . Otherwise, he warns, he will act out of bounds with the power of the force.


Current situation: more than 10,000 armed soldiers are seen deployed on the Libyan border with Chad !. Chad has one of the best land-based soldiers in Africa, well suited for fighting in extreme heat and dangerous terrain. Chad’s forces have presented some remarkable tactical innovations.

In a modern version of the traditional raid of looting, they used Toyota all-terrain vehicles, French-made Panhard light armored vehicles, and anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles to destroy the modern Soviet T-55 tanks. Indeed, four-wheel drive Toyota has routed a fleet of tanks. Soviet, French and American armaments designed for very different terrain.

They almost single-handedly crushed Book Haram and chased them out of the Sambisa Forest. It takes a Chadian infantryman no more time than a Frenchman to learn how to handle a French-made weapon.

For now, we have not been able to verify this information. Stay tuned


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