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Centuries Before- The Most Cruel Methods Of Execution From Around The World!

 Death is certain, but it is also equally sure that it would not be an easy one. Soul-scorching pain and unbearable suffering are what comes to my mind. the methods of execution remain as they were. Inhumane, right?

Today, in a lot of countries humanitarian workers are putting their blood, sweat, and tears together to make sure that capital punishments are put to an end once and for all. We have compiled some of the cruelest methods of execution from around the world

1. The Brazen Bull.

The Brazen Bull

The Brazen Bull was an execution device designed in Athens in the year 560 BC. In this method, the criminals were put inside a hollow bull made of bronze, and the structure was then set on fire. As the metal melts, the person inside dies of severe burns. This brutal method is more savage than it looks as the structure is designed in such a way that when the person inside screams of unbearable pain, his screams are converted into bellowings of an infuriated bull.

2. Rat Torture

Rat Torture

This method, described as ‘the most brutal torture technique ever devised,’ was originally used in China. In this, a large bowl full of mice was put on the prisoner’s naked body, then burning charcoal was piled on the dish making it heat up and as a result, the mice, terrified by the weather, bit their way inside the man’s flesh. Death because of severe internal bleeding and septic shock from infected wounds is how it ended.

3. Flaying


In this utterly gruesome execution method, the captured soldiers and dangerous criminals were skinned while they were alive. Later, their skin was nailed to the city walls as a warning sign to all the rebels.

4. Impalement.


Impalement, especially prevalent in the 15th century Romania was a method in which criminals were forced to sit on a sharp wooden pole, and the pole was then gradually raised and emerged through the criminal’s neck, shoulder or chest. Around 80,000 people were killed this way.

5. Scaphism



Scaphism is a cruel method in which the victims are contained inside a pair of narrow rowboats with only their head, hands, and feet exposed. The person was then forced to eat large amounts of milk and honey until developing very severe diarrhea. A mixture of milk and honey was also rubbed on the exposed parts of his body so as to attract flies and insects. The person’s flesh increasingly became gangrenous and resulted in death due to prolonged torture, septic shock, starvation, and dehydration.

6. The Catherine Wheel

The Catherine Wheel

In this method, the criminals were tied to a large cartwheel, with arms and legs stretched out. The wheel was then rotated while the executioner smashed the limbs of the person with iron hammers and other metal bars, breaking his bones and eventually killing him.

7. Boiling


This method, practices in many parts of Europe and Asia, involved stripping the criminal naked and then placing him inside a cauldron full of the boiling liquid. This liquid could be anything from water to oil to acid or even molten lead.

8. Crucifixion.


In this old execution method, the criminal’s limbs were nailed to a wooden cross structure. This practice was reserved for the worst of criminals and slaves. Death was usually the result because of either heart failure or overall exhaustion.

9. Sawing.


This incredibly gruesome method of execution involved hanging the criminal upside down and then cutting his body into halves starting with the crotch all the way to the head with the use of a saw. This cruelty was mostly observed in the Medieval Europe.

10. Lingchi (Death by a thousand cuts).

Lingchi (Death by a thousand cuts)

Lingchi or Death by a thousand cuts was practiced originally in China. Here a sharp knife was used to kill the criminal by gradually removing parts of his flesh. This was one of the cruelest methods ever witnessed by humanity and was abolished in the year 1905


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