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Celine Dion Officially Responds To The Gabonese Who Took Over The Title ‘The power of love’

Named Samuel, a young African won the canvas with his cover of the famous title of the Quebec singer. Video has come down to the diva who replied Tuesday.

The young Gabonese who ignites the canvas for one week with its resumption of a successful Celine Dion said he was “excited” and “surprised” Wednesday by his idol Quebec who praised his “talent” and shared his video over networks social.

“Samuel, your talent is as big as your voice. I am very touched that my songs have traveled up to you,” wrote Dion on his Facebook page.

“I hope we will have a chance to meet us and I wish you achieve all your dreams Keep singing like you do. When the music comes from the heart, it crosses all borders …” concludes the star whose message was widely commented on by fans, many of which now want to see this unlikely duo met on stage.

The 17 year old, who has never taken singing lessons and says he had to abandon his studies “lack of funds”, was filmed singing The power of love sitting on the steps of the staircase by a friend of his sister.


This friend then sent the video to an influential blogger, Barack Nyare Mba, who created a page on social networks dedicated to the young man. Entitled “Together for Samuel”, it aims to give visibility to “finds a producer or participates in a contest.”

The sequence quickly made the buzz over a million views in a few days and then benefit from the boost of the Quebec diva who shared Tuesday night on social media by writing a word in addition to the young African singer.

Since this word, the number of “views” has doubled to over 2.6 million Thursday to the delight of the young Gabonese. Contacted by AFP, Samuel said he was “very moved and very surprised” by the reaction of his “idol”.

“I did not expect that. Me, I do not even have phone or Facebook account, it’s my brother who told me that Celine had shared my video,” said the young singer, born a modest family of the Gabonese capital Libreville.

“I just hope that one day I could meet her for real,” said the singer in the making. He says he was approached by the musical talent show show The Voice broadcast on French channel TF1, and the Ivory Coast.

“I’m not used to that (success). I felt good when I was singing to the stairs (sic). And now people even recognize me in the street,” said he said


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