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Celebrating The New Year Is Sinning, According to a Moroccan Religious Preacher [Video]

Celebrating the New Year is sinning, according to a Moroccan religious preacher © Facebook screenshot
The Facebook page of Abdellah Nahari


The religious opinions of the controversial Abdellah Nahari continue to make waves in Morocco . In a fiery preach broadcast on his Facebook account on December 24, the religious preacher vilified Muslim people celebrating the New Year. “Whoever celebrates the New Year is no different from a Christian and his religion of debauchery, “he said.

He also considered that the commercial activities related to the celebration of the end of year festivities should also be banned. “Buying or selling a fir tree is haram [caught], taking a picture next to Santa Claus is haram and even sending greetings for a happy new year is haram, ” he added virulently in front of his audience. If his detractors are numerous, his fans are also numerous in view of hundreds or even thousands of messages of support written on his various publications.

A regular in polemical statements

Having no religious training, this graduate in economics does not hesitate to interfere in the religious debate. Struck with a ban on preaching in 2011, he nevertheless uses social networks to transmit his word. It is among others through this vector that he continues to make polemical statements.

The preacher, for whom even the burkini is “not halal”  because “letting appear [the] forms” of women, has aroused indignation in the Sherifian kingdom after calling for the murder of a journalist who insisted on the need to establish a debate on respect for sexual freedom.


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