Cavani-Neymar Penalty Drama: Jay-jay Okocha Gives His Opinion And Reveals The Player Whose Style Of Game Is Close To His

The legend of Nigerian football and former star of Paris-Saint-Germain, Austin Okocha, reacted to the recent war between Brazilian Neymar and Uruguayan Edinson Cavani.

The names of these two players make headlines for several days following their altercation in the last match against Lyon.


Okocha who spent most of his football career at PSG explained that Neymar and teammate Edinson Cavani are mature enough to reach a compromise.

“It’s a healthy competition, and it’s always good for a team to have more than one player who can get free kicks or penalties.”

“Indeed, this happens in almost every team. Just negotiate and say you pull first, I pull the second. ” “The main thing is to win the game. Everything is negotiable and every player knows which angle of fire he is likely to never miss, “he added.

According to several observers, it would be better for both players to agree on the welfare of the team.

Moreover, the former glory of Nigerian football, recently unveiled the name of the current footballer whose style of play is close to his.

“The one that comes closest to my style of play is Neymar. There was joy in my game and it is clear that he is on the same sensations, he enjoys playing. In addition, he does not play for him, he plays for the team and not only to offer the show to the stands. He puts his talent and his qualities at the service of the team »


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