CAUTION!! Experts Reveal The Dangers Associated With The Consumption Of ‘Maggie Cube’

S’exual in humans, vaginal bleeding, urogenital disorders, cardiac disorders, Hypo or hypertension, gastritis, behavior disorders in children, swelling of the prostate, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s … These are there risks highlighted by a national workshop on the dangers associated with the consumption of other flavors and flavor enhancers (Maggie cube, Ajinomoto, etc.).

If the participants welcomed the initiative of the meeting, however, they quickly became disillusioned. The report they produced will never be made public. The pressure from the food industry has been through it. The complicity of the state too … The synthesis of the document!

It was towards the end of 2010 the workshop in question was held in the CICB. It brought together all departments, directorates and specialized structured (ministries of health, livestock, loads Agencies of food safety, health laboratories, veterinarians, researchers and academics …). The agenda focused on the dangers of food additives, flavor enhancers hear, all improperly called in Mali “cubes” and / or “Maggi aroma”.

For three days, participants each, delivered the results of their research and made some very poignant testimonies on the subject. According to the summary of the report that was given to us (not without un- see box: “When the health policy of the Malian state of food is only for the poor”), as the chemical element to basis of most food additives including flavor enhancers, is called monosodium glutamate or MSG (E621). Also called “flavor potentiator”, it is a white powder with the appearance of sugar and with particularity enhance the taste of the ingredients with which it is blended. It turns out today, one of the most controversial products as well as nicotine.

Monosodium glutamate in question

The definition of the experts in relation to the product:


Chemically speaking, monosodium glutamate is the sodium salt of glutamic acid (one of 20 non-essential natural amino acids that make up proteins). This explains the name “monosodium glutamate.”

Concretely, it is a white powder (composed of small crystals) which dissolves quickly in water or saliva. Once dissolved, the substance separated in sodium and glutamate.

Glutamate is produced by fermenting starch and a sugar (such as sugar cane, molasses).

Glutamic acid was isolated first from gluten (wheat) and was discovered as the essence of delicious tastes good soups prepared in Japan.

This is a chemical found in nature), “hydrolyzed protein” and “spices” in a food label

The use of MSG is sometimes hidden in food labels under different names as “natural flavorings” … “.

Very high risk

It emerged from the various presentations at the workshop that the glutamate monosodium (MSG) is misused in food additives in Mali and without any control. That, in both import products manufactured locally. Participants deplored shyness or lack of controls at this level. Already even at low doses, the product is no long-term danger.


According to testimony, the researchers use it in their labs in order to make obese mice within the strict framework of their work on diabetes. Clearly, they make obese mice by instilling the glutamate to observe the effect of insulin. These rodents are called “Treated Rats MSG”.

The so why in Central Africa is understood in this case, women use it anally, not without danger, to make their rounds and buttocks (see box: The Maggi cube, for round buttocks sexy).

Other testimony from vets reveal that at high doses, the glutamate monosodium used in peasant circles castrating bullocks plowing. The effect, they say, is immediate!

In humans and to the sensitivity of individuals, the pain may vary from one person to another (see list – more information: ).

It must be said, in any case and in view of the magnitude of the danger, the participants suggested to the highest authorities of the country, moralizing or even outright ban of this product in the improperly called food additives “cubes” and / or “aroma-Maggi”. These products are primarily registered trademarks that gave their name to all other flavor enhancers.
The reaction of the Malian manufacturers

According confidences gathered from the organizers of this workshop, the food industry and those operating in food additives in this case, is strongly opposed to the publication of the famous report. Arguing, at first not to have been involved in the work and then warned against unemployment a possible reluctance possibly would have consumers for their products.

The only argument they have truly prevailed is that the glutamate monosodium in question is authorized and beautiful in all food industries in the world, including France, the United States … In short, no country has not banned the substance which, moreover, appears natural.

A National Agency on food safety, we wanted to build us up, of course, in anonymity: “Glutamate is indeed authorized in France and the United States, but under conditions with well regulated and controlled dosages . here there are maximum and minimum quantities authorized for different types of food. This is not the case with us … “.

Because of the outcry against glutamate in the United States, reveals our source, some Asian restaurants were forced to display the note “NO MSG HERE” !! “(No Glutamate here!).

As for the argument that Malian manufacturers hangs by a thread and that the pressure exerted by the agri-food remains the same everywhere around the world.

In Mali, the famous report still sleeping in the drawers of the state administration and among the organizers no less participants can hear the dust.

The Maggi cube, for round and sexy buttocks

In the DRC, women use concentrated aromatics as suppository to round their posterior

Some women in the DRC are using the Maggi cube anally to supplement their rump, that men prefer plump. The practice is not without risk to health.

By Aurore clouded

The song “Ntaba Bandundu are” slowly became a hit in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This rumba Shiko Mawatu, known as a lyricist, deals in broad widths of infidelity of a woman. But the introduction of the piece evokes taboo. “You’ve already taken eight of the ten that there was in the kitchen, launches in essence the song in Lingala. Leave the other two to season the beans.” Helen complained indeed that her friend has squandered the stock Maggi cubes to stay in top shape buttocks.

Cube Maggic?

Some indeed introduce this concentrate aromatics anally for the generous posterior with a majority of Congolese are crazy. They use it in its raw form as suppository or liquefy order to introduce it more easily through a syringe. “The women say that as the Maggi cube is full of nutritious element, if it is placed in this location, only the buttocks take mass” summarizes Kerwin Mayizo, radio columnist on RFI and France Inter.


The musical expert emphasizes that great artists of the country ask their dancers to use the “cube”. He recalls scenes he has seen, the information we have provided and draws up a schedule like girls. “They stay in a villa where in the morning a choreographer makes them dance Around 10 am, they see their advisor aesthetic that gives them lotions and strippers. Then we arrange for them to do at least three large and very fat meal. in the evening, the doctor’s corner comes with Durabolin. as the final ten girls one keeps only five, some ask what brings them the Maggi cube to put the odds on their side. ”
Nice to die

A mode that can be dangerous to health. Many women developed infections, particularly because of the spices contained in the Maggi cube. The less fortunate have succumbed.


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