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CAUTION: A Young Girl Infected With The Hepatitis B Virus After Smoking ‘Shisha’ In A Restaurant!! (Details Inside)


The trendy phenomenon of shisha is beginning to make its first victims in Côte d’Ivoire. After smoking last month in a busy space of Marcory, hepatitis B was detected in a young woman last week in a clinic of the place.

The doctor diagnosed it reported the information to a nearby media. According to him, her patient, previously healthy, was infected via the mouthpiece of the system that allows smoking Shisha.

For the general interest, a survey was carried out to find out more about this fashion phenomenon Indeed, the tips proposed to customers are simply packed in small pouches made on the spot without any real hygiene measure.

And the equipment is available to everyone since no medical checking takes place at the customer before use. The doctor held by professional secrecy has, moreover, made aware of the risks of certain diseases such as tuberculosis which are linked to the consumption of shisha.

Smoking shisha is extremely dangerous. In our research it was revealed that the carbon monoxide present in shisha smoke is 7 times greater than that present in the smoke of a cigarette.

The expansion of its consumption without health standards is clearly a major public health risk. It should be noted that more than 70% of the youth in Côte d’Ivoire is involved in this phenomenon of fashion.


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