CAUTION!! A Chemical Found In Colgate Toothpaste May Cause Cancer!!

One of the most popular toothpaste brands is definitely Colgate, with more than billions of users on a daily basis. However, it appears that this toothpaste has negative effects on the health. Namely, according to a study, Colgate toothpaste contains Triclosan, a harmful chemical, which can cause a long list of health problems and even cancer.

This chemical is known to increase the number of cancer cells, as stated by the Chemical Research in Toxicology journal, and numerous other studies have also confirmed this. Triclosan penetrates the skin and enters in the bloodstream, thus, damages the function of the endocrine system and the hormones.


A study from 2008, conducted by the Environmental Health Perspectives found this chemical in the urine of 75% of the participants, 2517 of them being elder people. Triclosan isn’t only present in toothpastes, but it’s also added to deodorants, hand cleaners, and laundry detergents. Another study has also confirmed that this chemical has cancer-causing properties.

Canada has banned Triclosan; however, it remains legal in other parts of America and in the rest of the world. Until something is done so that this ingredient is removed from the products we all use on a daily basis, the best option is to look for more alternative products, free of chemicals.


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