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Cassie De Pecol: 27-Year-old Woman Becomes The First To Visit Every Country In The World And This Happened!!

Cassie De Pecol, a 27-year-old lady from Connecticut has become the youngest person and the first woman to visit every country on Earth after hitting 196 destinations.

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Her entire journey around the world took 18 months and 26 days, smashing the previous record of three years and three months.

She visited all 193 countries recognised by the United Nations, plus Taiwan, Kosovo and Palestine.

She is now completing the paperwork to be officially recognized by Guinness World Records.

Her trip cost $198,000 and involved over 255 flights.

In order to fund her trip, she saved $10,000 by babysitting and acquired the rest through sponsors.

She left for her world tour dubbed ‘Expedition 196’ in July 2015, and on February 2 she visited Yemen, the 196th and final country on her list.

Just a few of my friends who hosted me for lunch in #Yemen, she said.

De Pecol spent between two and five days in each country and planted trees in over 50 countries.

She had set out to promote peace in her own small way, by meeting people from every country in the world and she did so at a record pace.

She embarked on her world tour in July 2015, promoting sustainable tourism everywhere she went

De Pecol completed her tour as an ambassador for the International Institute of Peace Through Tourism.

She filmed the entire journey and hopes to release her travels as a documentary.

After visiting 196 countries, De Pecol plans to visit Antarctica next.

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