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Case of the Plays: Sarkozy Sent Back in Correctional for “Trading of Influence” and “Corruption”

The former president faces a new trial for “trading in influence” and “corruption” in the case of eavesdropping. He is suspected of attempting to obtain secret information from a magistrate in the Bettencourt case.

Nicolas Sarkozy accumulates the legal setbacks: a few days after being indicted in the case that mixes with the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi , the former President of the Republic, his lawyer Thierry Herzog and the former -Magistrate Gilbert Azibert, have been referred to the Criminal Court in the so-called eavesdropping case, according to a source close to the file cited by AFP, confirming information from the World .

According to the newspaper, all three face the following charges: “active bribery” and “trading in influence”. Thierry Herzog and Gilbert Azibert are also guilty of “breach of professional secrecy”. In this case, Nicolas Sarkozy is accused of having tried to obtain in 2014, via his lawyer, secret information from Gilbert Azibert, then senior magistrate at the Court of Cassation, in a procedure where he asked for the return of his agendas seized in the Bettencourt affair.


After tapping the former president, the judges determined that he was communicating with his lawyer on a secret phone and under the false identity of Paul Bismuth. According to the indictment of the national financial prosecutor’s office, the two men discussed together the “means of obtaining privileged information” on the judicial procedure concerning the Bettencourt affair. “They regularly discussed the means to take advantage of the presence within the Court of Cassation of a high magistrate who was devoted to them”, in this case Gilbert Azibert, first advocate general at the second civil chamber of the Court . The latter hoped to obtain a job in Monaco in return for the information he provided.

If the lawyers of Nicolas Sarkozy have already announced that they would appeal this new decision, there is, according to the newspaper Le Monde, high probability that he will appear in court shortly.


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