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Cape Town Anglicans Pay Tribute To Queen Elizabeth II


People in Cape Town gathered on Sunday at an Anglican church service featuring muffled bells that were rung as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

The British sovereign held the title ‘Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England’.


Therefore, marking her passing was essential for Richard Holmes, the ringing master: “This occasion is for the Queen Elizabeth II, who has recently died and there is an official period of mourning in the U.K. and of course the queen is the leader of the Anglican faith. So as a mark of respect to that, we will ring half muffle for the period of the mourning”.

The passing of the Queen marks the death of a second prominent figure for the South African Anglican church. Earlier this year, Archbishop desmond Tutu was buried at the Cape Town cathedral.

“I think, (what we can) with confidence say about Queen Elizabeth II is that she personified those values of integrity, of decency, of good manners, Michael Weeder, a pastor said. Archbishop Desmond always used to say, ‘don’t raise your voice, raise the level of your argument.’ So he as an individual had a very close affinity in terms of the kind of moral culture that she embodied. In his interaction with her, he saw her as a friend.”

The British monarch died Thursday, September 8 after a 70-year reign and is starting her last journey back to London for a state funeral on Sept. 19.


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