Cancer Patient’s Last Wish To See New ‘Wakanda Forever’ Granted Before Dying

Cancer Patients Last Wish To See New Wakanda Forever Granted Before Dying
Jaylon Hamilton


Before succumbing to cancer, Jaylon Hamilton, 19, had one last wish: to see the new Black Panther film. The terminally ill patient’s wish was honored, and he died quietly on November 18.

Hamilton’s parents died when he was very young, so his sister had to step in to help with his upbringing, according to KSDK. She described her late brother as someone who disliked being in the spotlight, despite the fact that he noticed everything.

“Once he gets a vibe from someone or gets to know you, he’ll open up like a book,” his sister, Jatavia Davis, explained. Hamilton was diagnosed with a very rare type of nerve cancer in January of last year. Hamilton “had a very large tumor by the time he was diagnosed and a very painful tumor,” according to Dr. Angela Hirbe, an oncologist at Washington University.

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Doctors also decided not to put the adolescent through chemotherapy or radiation after a battery of testing. “Everything we did for him was to attempt to prolong his life for as long as we could while maintaining as high a quality of life as we could,” Hirbe explained.

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Hamilton was usually silent during his appointments with Hirbe, but the Oncologist said that whenever he spoke, he mentioned his love for superhero movies. “He likes that kind of thing,” Jatavia explained.

Hamilton also expressed a strong desire to see the Black Panther sequel. Hirbe took to Facebook in an attempt to get the attention of Marvel Studios officials in order to grant him that wish.

It paid off, and Hamilton got to watch Black Panther: Wakanda Forever after a Marvel representative traveled to St. Louis with a copy of the movie, KSDK reported. The icing on the cake was that he also got to watch the box office hit while having his favorite smoothies.

“I’m not the biggest fan of social media, but this was one instance when I feel like something good came from social media,” Hirbe said. She also added that she and her team wanted to make every day worthwhile for Hamilton.

“A lot of my patients have big families and lots of family and friends. They always have people around taking care of him,” said Hirbe. “I just, I think that he and his sister had to work really hard in life. They have each other, but I wanted him to feel like he had a village behind him.”

Hamilton peacefully died not too long after his wish was granted. A GoFundMe has since been set up to help raise funds for his funeral expenses.

“I’m just grateful that, that this could happen for him,” Hirbe said.



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